From the Editor: On Our 5th Issue

One of our questions on our wedding submission form is “What made your wedding day unique?” While every wedding is superbly beautiful and unique in its own right, it’s this question that often merits a variation of the same response:

“Our family and friends.”

This is not only funny to me that so many respond with this answer, but incredibly eye-opening. Perhaps what is so magical about our wedding day is not the gorgeous gown or fantastic flowers (though those are certainly important!), but instead the idea that your wedding brings people together.

Whether your families are meeting for the first time or your reception is a great excuse to bring your best friends from college back together, every couple has the same dream in their head – that their loved ones will be there on your big day to support, love and celebrate your marriage.

Your wedding day is the ultimate showcase of love, but not only for you and your spouse. It’s also a chance to show your love for guests who have traveled many miles or helped you hand-stamp 100 invitations. When we dance the night away, it’s with our very favorite people in the entire world. And what could be more special than that in making your wedding day so uniquely you?

In our 5th issue, you’ll find incredible weddings that will not only inspire you (and maybe swoon a little), but will hopefully give you that cozy warmth felt when surrounded by “your people,” those who know and love you best.

To love and magic, friends and family – may we all be so lucky to celebrate with the uniqueness that is your wedding day!

Liz Long, editor

From Pinterest to Perfection

By Stephanie Vinal

An increasing number of brides have turned to various social media sites for help with the wedding planning process. And they’ve been turning the ideas they find into reality for their own big days.

Amidst an overwhelming sea of vendors, dates, stationary and chiffon, websites like Pinterest are supplying brides with a plethora of resources. A simple scroll through the boards on Pinterest shows inspiration for every kind of ceremony or celebration.

Whether you’re leaning toward a classic elegance or a country rustic theme – or somewhere in between – for your nuptial days, there are no limits in the digital wedding world. A few of our brides offered insight as to how they took inspiration from Pinterest and applied it to their weddings.

Why DIY?

A Well "Branded" Wedding  Craig & Melissa Newman Wedding on Page 32 Kemper Mills Fant Photography

A Well “Branded” Wedding
Craig & Melissa Newman Wedding on Page 32
Kemper Mills Fant Photography

Becky Gower’s wedding was a Pinterest project from the start. Her board, like many other brides-to-be, had been in the making since before she was engaged. When the time came for her now husband to find the perfect ring, a friend forwarded him a link found on one of her wedding boards.

After viewing tons of DIY ideas, Becky decided to focus on a few feasible projects to make her ceremony more personalized. She handcrafted her own table numbers by formatting 5×7 photographs of the happy couple in beautiful glass frames.

“I was able to add personal touches with sentimental items, rather than stock from a catalogue. I was also able to better create the ambiance of the day,” she says.

Many DIY projects allow for more creativity and connection between the bride and groom and their guests.

“I wanted to create an atmosphere where people looked at their watches and said ‘Wow is it midnight already?’, rather than ‘Whoa, how is it only 9 p.m.?’” she says. “By taking on some of the projects, and considering my guests, that goal was definitely met.”

Inspiration to Reality

Guests at Melissa Newman’s wedding felt warm and fuzzy as they received their parting nuptial gifts – paw-print shaped cookies adorned with a tag that cited the Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue Association.

“In lieu of traditional favors, we wanted to spend that money on a donation to the rescue where I adopted my dog Beau from in 2010. After the wedding, we sent them a donation in Beau’s honor.”

Melissa knew she wanted to pay homage to her best “Beau” and the marital logo she created for her and her husband was the perfect final touch to the dedicational favors.

“Via Etsy, Pinterest and other websites, I saw how important it was to ‘brand’ everything for the wedding,” she says. “I literally put our personal logo on everything from station signage to the cookie tags, and even the welcome bags at the hotel. I wanted it to be memorable and different, so that guests felt that everything was special and custom-made and for them to enjoy and truly feel a part of our day.”

Wine Cork Holders & "I Spy" Game David & Morgan Housden Wedding on Page 86 Amodeo Photography

Wine Cork Holders & “I Spy” Game
David & Morgan Housden Wedding on Page 86
Amodeo Photography

Morgan Housden found her inspiration early in the wedding planning process.

“Pinterest inspired my shabby chic theme,” she explains. “I loved all of the unique weddings I saw on Pinterest so that really pushed me to have a Pinterest wedding of my own. Pinterest helped me find my cork buffet label holders, inspired a dessert bar instead of just cake, and it helped me find my guestbook idea – a funky creature animal poster. It was a hit!”

After planning her crafts, Morgan raided the craft stores and dedicated nights and weekends to tackling the projects. Her bridesmaids and husband joined in on the crafting party, too.

Not only was she able to save money, but she also found a way to make the wedding planning process itself more intimate and special.

Although planning your own DIY wedding may seem daunting at first, it’s important to realize that even the smallest project can bring a new level of personality and intimacy to your day. All it takes is a little ingenuity, elbow grease and some “Pinspiration” to make your DIY wedding a reality.



Emerald Celebration: 2013’s Wedding Color

Emerald Celebration

Caroline McKean


Pantone says Emerald is the color of the 2013, could it be the color of your winter wedding? Emerald is a personal favorite as it is my birthstone and signifies celebration and renewal. Something that is quite fitting for the new year and celebrating a new union.

Emerald pairs well with gold and white accents. Dress your maids in the evergreen color and it will compliment even the palest of winter skin tones. Carry white tulips, roses, ferns and pine for a textured and fragrant bouquet.

Simple reception decorations can incorporate gold candles and green bottles with a single white stem or fern leaf for an easy, romantic vibe.

Give your maid’s gorgeous but reasonably priced emerald earrings from ETSY that they can wear over and over. And don’t forget a tightly woven lace or faux fur bolero for fun, wintery outdoor photos!