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Roy Prusak of RSP Entertainment Photo by Kemper Mills Fant Photography

Roy Prusak of RSP Entertainment
Photo by Kemper Mills Fant Photography

Meet owner Roy Prusak of RSP Entertainment, who was kind enough to tell us more about his business as well as helpful wedding music tips like popular father/daughter songs, tips he’s learned over the years, and songs guaranteed to get your guests on the dance floor!

Q. Tell us about your business: how it got started, what you do, who is involved, etc.?
A. I started Deejaying as a hobby back in 1996 at a ripe old age of 15, both of my uncles were in bands which allowed me access to some excess gear and lucky for me my father put up with the loud jam sessions in our basement! Not too long after playing for some birthday parties and smaller school events, my younger brother Russell started helping and took interest in Deejaying as well. By the end of 1999 we’ve started playing for some weddings so my father and I decided that we needed a company name to continue promoting our family run business and hence RSP Entertainment was born. What does the RSP stand for you may ask? My brother Russell and I both have the same initials, and since we are the main DJs of the company, we agreed that RSP Entertainment fit nicely.

Our company’s goal is to provide our clients with a professional, quality, fun filled and memorable DJ service to handle all of your entertainment needs! We figured what’s the use of having a party if the entertainment is not, well… for lack of a better word, entertaining! Everyone in our company is either family or friends we’ve grown up with and I have personally trained each of them to meet the high expectations of our company.

We have performed at well over 2,000 events since we started back in ’96, and currently have 5 complete DJ crews to cover anything from a small birthday party to elegant weddings. We currently play for well over 120 weddings a year along with company parties and other large arena events up to 6,000 people. We not only keep up with the most advanced gear, video mixing and uplighting trends, but also attend professional conferences such as the one in Las Vegas to keep our skills as up-to-date as our music collection.

Q. What are a few popular father/daughter dance songs? Mother/son?
A. The right father/daughter or mother/son song should be something that’s overly special to the Bride and her father, or the Groom and his mother and can vary greatly depending on their relationship with one another. You should also determine whether you enjoy a tear jerker or a light hearted compilation of songs that make you smile and dance a routine as I’m sure many of you have seen on YouTube.

Some excellent (and often chosen) modern father/daughter songs are “I Loved Her First,” “My Little Girl,” or “Cinderella.” A few choices that are a little more timeless are “My Girl,” “Isn’t She Lovely,” or “Father & Daughter.” The mother and son compliment can be just as sweet or entertaining. More modern selections include “My Wish,” A Song for Mama,” and “A Mother’s Song” while some classics would be “What A Wonderful World,” “Unforgettable,” or even “Simple Man,” given our clientele. Of course, if you’re trying to mix things up we’ve seen everything from starting with a slow song then mixing into “Footloose,” “Baby Got Back,” or “The Wobble” which typically receives cheers from the crowd. Again, the right song is what’s most memorable or exciting to you, as it is your day after all.

Q. What songs are guaranteed to get guests on the dance floor?
A. This is a tough question, as our clientele is so varied, we could play the same 10 “guaranteed” songs at 10 different events and receive 10 different responses. We truly read the crowd to see what works best at each event. That being said, we could “Old Time Rock & Roll your Brown Eyed Girl to the Love Shack where you Shook Me All Night Long” or “Don’t Stop Believin’ that Blurred Lines will get Billie Jean to Wobble to the Thrift Shop saying Yeah, Baby Got Back as she Gets Low and Pours Some Sugar On Me.” Or something like that.

Q. What made you get into this business, why DJing?
A. I’ve always enjoyed music. There are pictures of me sporting a walk-man and large headphones when I was 3, not to mention a video of me singing Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” on stage with my uncle Russ when I was almost four. So I guess you can say it was inevitable that one day I would follow in both of my Uncle’s footsteps of entertainment and great music!

Q. Any other tips or advice you can give to couples when choosing their DJ and/or playlist?
A.Choosing the right playlist can sometimes be easier than choosing the right DJ. I’d suggest providing the key spotlight songs that are meaningful to you, select the genres you’d like played and maybe pick out a top 10 list along with conveying the “feel” you want for the evening, then let the DJ do their job. You’re paying them to be an expert in their field and most experienced DJs will cater to the crowd.

Honestly, choosing the right DJ is kind of like choosing a vacation, cruise or honeymoon package… options are key! Some are really cheap and will likely feel that way. Others are very luxurious but can give you everything you want! There’s usually a happy medium that will suit your needs and the key to selecting the right DJ for your wedding is being very open, knowing what you’re looking for and chat with the DJ or even ask for ideas if you’re not sure.

Ask yourself, does this DJ have an interest in making my event the best it can be? DJs now have the ability to be more than simply someone who plays music. They can be the Master of Ceremonies, lead group dances and some offer audio/visual expertise in things such as dance lighting, uplighting, video/slide show projection and more. If your personality jives with the DJs, it’s likely you’ll have a very entertaining and successful event, the rest is just icing on the cake!

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