Wedding Wednesday: The Millehan Wedding

The Millehan Wedding

May 21, 2016

Photography by: Kevin Hurley Photography

Sara Clark moved to Roanoke in middle school; It was there, at school, that she met the man who would eventually become her husband. Chris Millehan and Sara formed a friendship during their middle school years and dated on and off until high school, where they decided all they ever wanted was to be with one another. The two went off to Virginia Tech together to further their education, and it was in Blacksburg, at the Duck Pond, that Chris waited for Sara and her friends, with ring, roses, and champagne in hand. The two say that they can’t even remember what was said during the proposal, but all that mattered was the resounding “Yes!”

Sara and Chris pride themselves on their “fairy tale” love story, and thus it is no surprise that their wedding was an event full of love and tradition. The ceremony was held in a local church, which the two often frequented together. It was short, traditional, and perfectly showcased the couples mutual love for one another and for God. It was during their reception that the couple felt they should give back to their friends and family that have supported them through the years. So, the reception was “100% guest driven.” Sara and Chris just wanted their guests to have fun and enjoy the celebration.

However, they made sure to stay true to themselves during the whole event. They served Sushi, their favorite meal, at their reception. Their caterer was even able to incorporate a family recipe into the menu. The couple’s first date was at a Sushi restaurant that they were able to revisit on their wedding day. The owner has witnessed the two grow as individuals and as a couple, from their first date to their wedding day. There is a framed photograph of the couple hanging in the restaurant to this day.

One of the things that the couple was most thankful for was the quiet time they took for themselves between the ceremony and the pictures. The two of them escaped to a deserted Sunday School room and just basked in the excitement of being together and married at last. While they were on their small retreat, the rain, that was threatening to fall all day, finally fell, and the two said that that was the moment it really sank in that good things really do come to those who wait. By the time it was time for them to rejoin the party, the rain had stopped.

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Dress: Proms, Pageants & Pretty Things

Florist: Gloriosa

Cake: Diane’s Cake Creations

Ceremony: Colonial Avenue Baptist Church

Venue: Corinthian Ball Room

Caterer: Chanticleer Catering

Planner: Lisa Link

Jewelry: Fink’s Jewelery

DJ: RSP Entertainment

Attendant Dresses: Proms, Pageants & Pretty Things

Groomsmen Attire: Proms, Pageants & Pretty Things

Hair: Shear Perfection

Bridal Preparation: King George Inn


Wedding Wednesday: The Morris Wedding

The Morris Wedding

April 30, 2016

Photography by: Sam Stroud Photography

Joanna Frye and Andrew Morris sure enjoyed taking their time. The couple dated off and on in high school, but it wasn’t until they both got to college that their relationship got serious. On that same theme, Andrew’s proposal was drawn out over the course of eleven months. For Valentine’s day, Andrew gifted Joanna with a box of envelopes. The final envelope in the box contained tickets to see the Biltmore House at Christmas. While taking pictures at the overlook of the house, Andrew said “I just really want to marry you!” This was no surprise to Joanna, as Andrew had been saying this for months. This time, though, Andrew got down on one knee.

Joanna and Andrew’s wedding did not have a “theme,” but instead, the couple aimed to invoke a certain feeling in their guests. Their goal was to make them feel welcomed and invited. To do this, the couple utilized soft blushes and ivories, with the occasional pop of navy blue. As the night continued, the pink shades began to darker, and the color scheme was brought full circle with an ombre flower cascade on the staircase at their reception.

The food they served at their wedding was very important to both Joanna and Andrew. The couple worked with their caterer to create food stations that reflected these favorite places, flavors, and foods that the couple was able to experience together during the course of their long distance relationship. And then, of course, there was the wedding cake. With Joanna being a pastry chef, many people expected that she would be making her own cake. However, she wanted to be able to enjoy her day as the bride that she was. She worked closely with the caterer designing the cake, and she was able to really bring her vision alive, without having to stress about assembling the cake herself.

The wedding was made possible by close relationships with not just the guests, but many of the vendors as well. Working closely with these vendors, that they already had close relationships with made the planning process all the more special. That planning paid off, and the couple  were able to celebrate their marriage in a day full of flowers, good food, and great company.

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Dress: Tiffany’s Bridal

Florist: Creative Occasions

Cake: Center Stage Catering

Venue: Taubman Museum of Art

Caterer: Blue Ridge Catering

Planner: Events by Sherri

Jewelry: Jewells Fine Jewelry

Makeup: Charisse Crammer

Hair: Amy Dodson

DJ: RSP Entertainment

Attendant Dresses: Pearl’s Place

Groomsmen Attire: Proms, Pageants, & Pretty Things

Lighting: Lighting Ninja, INC

Rentals: Country Road Vintage Rentals

Transportation: Prestige Limousine Service & Executive Service

Videographer: Solo Koo Wedding Films

Wedding Wednesday: The Fluker Wedding

The Fluker Wedding

April 26, 2016

Photography by: Pat Cori Photography

Sarah White and Thomas “Ray” Fluker met in their early years, as students at Roanoke College. They had a class together, but didn’t spend much time with one another during their time at school. Thanks to social media they were able to stay connected after gradution, and after ten years, two career changes, and a couple of gentle denials on Sarah’s end, the two found themselves both in the same place at the same time. Back in Salem, the two of them got together for dinner at a Roanoke College staple, followed by a walk through campus, which landed the couple at a set of rocking chairs, where they sat and talked for hours. Ray and Sarah would revisit these rocking chairs when he asked her to spend the rest of her life with him, to the tune of “Question” by the Old 97.

The two wanted their wedding day to be romantic, classic, and fun. The event began with a beautiful ceremony at the Taubman, with rose petals lining the aisles. The ceremony paid tribute not only to their love, but also to Sarah’s parents. Sarah wore a piece of her mother’s wedding dress, sewn into her own, and she wore the pearls that her father had gifted her mother on their first wedding anniversary.

The reception was held on the roof of the Center in The Square, where they enjoyed each other, their friends, and their family, with a delightful variety of southern comfort food, such as chicken and waffles, mac and cheese, and lemonade. Sarah’s and Ray’s favorite part of the night was standing on that roof top surrounded by their friends and family.

Their wedding was a romantic celebration of love and friendship. The perfect evening, starting with a classic ceremony, and ending with a fun roof-top party with the perfect view to start the rest of their lives together. A view they can look back on for years to come. As a surprise for Sarah, Ray set up for a drone to capture video and photographs of the reception. This was a guest favorite, and sure to be a fun way to revisit their wedding in the years to come.

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Dress: Becky’s Bridal

Florist: Creative Occasions

Cake: Copper Hill Cakes and Cookies

Ceremony: Taubman Museum of Art

Venue: Center in the Square

Planner: Simplicity

DJ: RSP Entertainment

Attendant Dresses: Becky’s Bridal

Groomsmen Attire: Black Tux

Videographer: Michael’s Video

Drone: Autonomous Flight Technologies, Inc.

Hair & Makeup: Lex Cheveux Salon & Day Spa

Lighting: Lighting Ninja, Inc.

Ice Sculpture: Masterpiece Ice Sculptures

Harpist: Karlee Lanum

Wedding Wednesday: The Ferris Wedding

The Ferris Wedding

May 23, 2015

Photography by: Tara Lilly Photography and Design

Joanna and Matthew met through mutual friends, but it was on a snowboarding trip that they really got to know each other. Their friends were instrumental again during Matthew’s proposal. They kept Joanna distracted all afternoon while he set up in their driveway with a blanket and a single rose. There was a firepit in the backyard, and he left her there while setting up candles, roses, and a bubble bath inside. Joanna didn’t have any idea what was happening until he finally popped the question.

Joanna had originally asked for a first look with Matthew, but he didn’t want to do it, stating he wanted to do it “old school.” In the end, Joanna was glad they didn’t; seeing each for the first time as she walked down the aisle was the most emotionally charged moment of the night, and it became her favorite memory of the day.

Waiting until the ceremony to see each other was one of the only things they did “old school.” For the most part, Joanna and Matthew tried to center the day around their love for each other, so they didn’t focus too much on the décor and the accessories. They did away with the games and a lot of new traditions, putting the emphasis of the day on how they felt in the moment rather than how they looked. According to Joanna, “We got married, and then we celebrated with everyone who made it possible.”

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Dress: AmRhein’s Brides and Formals

Florist: Best Wishes Cake: Buttercream Custom Cakes

Venue: Braeloch

Caterer: Blue Ridge Catering

Planner: Events by Sherri

Jewelry: Bailey’s Fine Jewelry

DJ: RSP Entertainment

Attendant Dresses: J. Crew

Groomsmen Attire: Perry Ellis

Hair: Winning Image Salon and Day Spa

Makeup: Glamour by Gigi

Photo Booth: StarCity Photobooth



Wedding Wednesday: The Frye Wedding

The Frye Wedding

November 28, 2015

Photography by: Pat Cori Photography

Jennifer and Jared met when one of Jennifer’s colleagues set them up on a blind date. Jennifer almost didn’t go, but she says now it was one of the best decisions she’s ever made.

Jared’s proposal lasted twelve hours. It started at seven in the morning with a scavenger hunt. Red balloons scattered throughout the city marked important moments in their relationship, and each spot had an envelope with scrapbook pages telling their love story from Jared’s perspective. At the end of the day, he was waiting at the last stop with the most beautiful ring Jennifer had ever seen.

Jennifer’s favorite memory of the wedding day was when she first saw Jared. They had decided against doing a first look, wanting to have that special moment when they saw each other and realized this was really happening. Jennifer wasn’t disappointed—when she got to the start of the aisle, Jared already had tears in his eyes.

Some of the most important aspects of the wedding to Jennifer were the flowers and the cake, because her groom’s family designed them. Jared’s father designed the wreath and sideboard at the ceremony, helping enhance the fairytale theme they were going for. Jared’s sister designed the cake, with only a few specifics from the bride and groom to get her going. For Jennifer and Jared, all this made the day even more special because it was all a surprise for them too.

Their venue was the perfect place for their fairytale theme. The barn on its own felt magical, but coupled with the flowers and all the personal touches it looked even better than they’d hoped. Sconces framed the doors, and the flowers from Jared’s father were perfect.

The music kept everyone happy all night, and the DJ even joined them on the dance floor at one point. Their photographer captured every moment, and the pictures they have now are beautiful reminders of the day.

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Dress: New York Bride & Groom from Sincerity Bridal

Florist: Creative Occasions

Cake: Joanna Frye

Venue: The Kyle House

Caterer: Schaal’s Catering

Planner: Simplicity

Jewelry: Perry’s Jewelry and Jared

DJ: RSP Entertainment

Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Hair & Makeup: Les Cheveux Salon & Day Spa


Wedding Wednesday: The Flannery Wedding

The Flannery Wedding

November 8, 2015

Photography by: Pat Cori Photography

Anh and Chris met at work one day. He asked her out to the Lyrics Theater in Blacksburg for their first date, and everything just fell into place for them. He proposed in the same spot, asking Anh to spend the rest of her life with him.

They had two weddings, one traditional Vietnamese one to celebrate Anh’s heritage, and one modern American one. The Vietnamese ceremony was held at Anh’s house, and it included a procession of the groom’s family bearing gifts covered in red cloth. The color red signifies good luck for the couple. Some of the items brought in the procession included jewelry and food like roast pig, fruit and betal nuts, liquor, and tea. Anh was brought out after the processional to meet her husband, and they prayed at the family alter and had a formal tea and candle ceremony.

Anh wore a traditional Vietnamese dress for the first ceremony, and an elegant tea length dress and red shoes for the American one. The red shoes fit both her culture and their fall color scheme. They used mums in the floral arrangements and Anh wore a crown of baby’s breath in her hair. They also had red and white origami crane toppers. More colorful cranes were used for the guests’ seating arrangements and table numbers.

At the end of the day, guests were given favor boxes with local chocolates and small potted plants like basil and oregano. Anh and Chris took home “messages in a bottle,” small rolls of paper that they encouraged the guests to fill out for them. They saved the messages until their first anniversary.

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Dress: David’s Bridal

Florist: The Flower Shoppe on Main

Cake: Grand Asia Market

Venue: Sheraton Roanoke

Caterer: Sheraton Roanoke

Planner: Autumn Bledsoe

Jewelry: Blue Nile and DuPont Central

DJ: RSP Entertainment


Wedding Wednesday: The Cox Wedding

The Cox Wedding

October 17, 2015

Photography by: Melissa Durham Photography

Lauren and Matthew went to rival high schools, but they had enough mutual friends that they knew each from a distance. After graduating from rival colleges, Matthew asked Lauren out to dinner. She drove an hour and a half to meet him, and they had a wonderful evening.

After a few years of dating and buying a house together, Lauren was expecting a ring pretty soon. Matthew, a passionate musician, kept coming home with expensive new equipment. Lauren did not see a proposal happening soon. Then, one weekend when they were hosting a cookout, Matthew was gone all day. He told her he had bought a new guitar pedal and barely arrived home in time for guests to arrive. Lauren tried to keep her frustration to a minimum in front of people. She changed her tune changed quickly though when Matthew showed her the box on the pretense of something being wrong with it. There was no pedal inside, but a ring box. He had been gone all day asking her parents for permission!

A daddy’s girl through and through, Lauren’s favorite memory of the big day was him walking her down the aisle to Matthew. Having the two most important men in her life right there meant the world to her.

The theme of their wedding was rustic chic, and they had the perfect venue for it. The Vinton War Memorial was the perfect fit, and the staff there made sure everything was exactly how Lauren pictured everything. Her photographer, Melissa Durham, made sure to capture every smile and tear as well, and she went above and beyond and checked on Lauren throughout the day.

Their food reflected their southern appetites. Pumpernickle Pickle put together a special menu for the couple and their guests, ensuring everything was what Lauren and Matthew wanted. Their cake followed the same criteria: southern and delicious. The crowd favorite was a variety of fall-themed cupcakes.

Unlike most weddings, Lauren and Matthew arranged to see each other before the ceremony. It helped calm their nerves and made them laugh. They also wrote letters to one another to read before the ceremony, reflecting on the time they’ve already had together and, most importantly, getting more excited for what was to come.

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Dress: Church Street Bridal

Florist: Kroger

Cake: Cupcake Cottage Sweets & Treats

Venue: Vinton War Memorial

Caterer: Pumpernickel Pickle Catering

Jewelry: Zales and Kay Jewelers

DJ: RSP Entertainment

Attendant Dresses: David’s Bridal

Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Hair: Les Cheveux Salon and Day Spa

Makeup: Makeup by Ravishing


Wedding Wednesday: The Wilkerson Wedding

The Wilkerson Wedding

October 10, 2015

Photography by: Pat Cori Photography

After meeting at the gym, Melissa and Jessica started hanging out with mutual friends. They started taking trips together, and it was on one of these trips to Hilton Head, S.C. that Jessica proposed. On their last day, while Melissa was packing, Jessica started telling her how much she loved her and wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Melissa turned around and saw Jess on one knee. Melissa said “Yes!” of course, and they spent the day at the beach to celebrate.

Melissa’s favorite part of the wedding was walking towards the aisle. The mountains sat in the background, her dad was waiting to walk her down the aisle, Jess was waiting at the arbor for her, and their friends and family surrounded them.

They went with a rustic chic theme for the wedding, pairing navy, gold, and wine red with the natural fall scenery around them. The centerpieces were white and orange boo pumpkins. They set up bistro tables along the sides of the pavilion, topping them with mirrors and candles dipped in gold glitter.

Their wedding was also very intimate. Melissa walked down the aisle to “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri; they had a sand ceremony to commemorate two becoming one, a reading of the poem “I Love You” by Roy Croft and of 1 Corinthians 13:4-8. Melissa and Jessica planned everything themselves, and they kept it simple. The result was a very touching day that they will remember for years to come!

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Dress: Alfred Angelo

Florist: Creative Occasions

Cake: Cakes by Lisa

Venue: Santillane

Caterer: Nick of Thyme

Jewelry: Zales

DJ: RSP Entertainment

Attendant Dresses: David’s Bridal

Groomsmen Attire: Banana Republic

Hair: Les Cheveux Salon & Day Spa, Roots Salon

Officiate: Casey Anderson



Wedding Wednesday: The Turley Wedding


Jessica & Brandyn Turley

October 3, 2015

Photography by: V.A. Photography

Jessica and Brandyn met back in high school, and they’ve been together through all stages of life ever since. After seven years, Brandyn managed to surprise Jessica with his proposal. He’d told her he was out of town on a business trip, but during that week he asked her to run over to his dad’s house to pick something up for him. She was directed to the garage, where they’d had their first kiss, and found him waiting on one knee. Brandyn even had an engagement party planned with all their friends and family.

Jessica’s favorite memory of her big day was walking down the aisle. Her stepfather walked her to the top of the aisle and then handed her off to her father, but not before both men shared a hug. It meant a lot to Jessica to see both her dads in solidarity before she married her best friend.

The theme of the wedding was the Great Gatsby. Jessica had a 1920’s styled dress from BHLDN, and they strung twinkle lights in the ceremony and reception space. Gold candelabras and accents tied the theme together, but the real showstopper was the vintage 1920’s Rolls Royce getaway car.

They used flowers for most of their decorating, combining soft blush colors with deep burgundy and rich green accents. The three-foot gold candelabras and short, round gold vases were used together to create tiered centerpieces. The sweetheart table was embellished with a green garland and mercury glass votive candleholders.

Food was served family-style, and it did not disappoint. They served root vegetables in hollowed-out baby pumpkins, dishes seasoned to perfection, and an incredible presentation. The cake was even created using Jessica’s grandmother’s pound cake recipe.

Part of what made their wedding so unique was because of Jessica’s parents. Both of them are in the wedding business, and they spent over a year planning the perfect outdoor wedding. Jessica and Brandyn also wrote their own vows, which really helped to personalize the day and make it their own.

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Dress: BHLDN
Florist: George’s Flowers
Cake: Plantation Creations Catering
Venue: Plantation on Sunnybrook
Caterer: Plantation Creations Catering
Planner: Tammy Scaggs- Plantation on Sunnybrook
Jewelry: BHLDN
DJ: RSP Entertainment
Attendant Dresses: The Newfangled Bride
Groomsmen Attire: Davidson’s
Hair & Makeup: Les Cheveux Salon & Day Spa

Wedding Wednesday: The Shanks Wedding

Rosie & Ben Shanks

July 25, 2015

Photography by: Pat Cori Photography

They first met after Rosie’s first year of college. Ben was home from the Navy, and they wound up working at the same construction site. They dated for a few years but then parted ways, and didn’t see each other again for twenty years. Through Facebook they reconnected, and the timing was perfect as both of them were once again single. When they dated in their younger years, Rosie and Ben liked to take picnics on the banks of the New River. It was here that Ben decided to propose one chilly autumn day.

Rosie’s favorite memory from the wedding was when she walked down the aisle. She saw Ben and his reaction to seeing her in her dress for the first time, and she will never forget it.

Some of the other memorable moments of the day included the prep time before the ceremony, those quiet times of getting ready with her son. Ben got ready with his son too, and it was important to both of them that their children were involved as much as possible. Rosie’s son walked her down the aisle, and Ben’s children stood with them at the altar. They weren’t just marrying each other, but also blending two families.

Certain details of the day stand out to Rosie as well, like her shoes, dress, and bouquet, the cake, their rings, and the little Blue Tiffany colored favor boxes at the reception table. They were surrounded by friends and family throughout the day, and there were portraits of Rosie and Ben around the reception. The small wedding was personal and intimate, and for Rosie and Ben it was perfect.

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Dress: Justin Alexander from Maya Couture
Florist: Creative Occasions
Cake: Evie’s Wedding Cakes
Venue: The Hotel Roanoke
Caterer: The Hotel Roanoke
Jewelry: Kent Jewelers
DJ: RSP Entertainment
Groomsman Attire: Men’s Wearhouse
Photobooth: Star City Photobooth