Wedding Wednesday: The Coffey Wedding

The Coffey Wedding

April 30, 2016

Photography by: Kimberly Izatt Photography

Laura Pruner’s and Eric Coffey’s first date was a long time in the making. They first met online, exchanging emails and phone calls, before finally meeting for their first date. Eric proposed on a weekend trip to Charleston, South Carolina, during an evening walk on the first night of their trip.

Their mutual faith was a large part of what made their wedding special. Laura says her favorite part of the ceremony was sharing communion with Eric, moments before they finally became man and wife. This is was when the tears finally started to fall, and was a very special moment for the two of them. The couple wants their mutual Christian faith at the center of their marriage, so it was only right for it to be the center of their ceremony as well.

A fun-filled reception followed the ceremony, where the bride and groom shared their first dance to the tune of “Love Of My Life,” and the guests got to enjoy a four tiered butter cake with butter cream frosting. It was a simple, elegant, cream colored cake, standing proud on a silver cake stand, which accented Laura’s gown’s silver beading and her silver sparkly shoes.

With a last name like Coffey, it would have been a shame to miss out on a pun inspired wedding favor. Each guest received a burlap bag of coffee with a label that read, “Enjoy this coffee from the Coffey’s.” The day was centered on elegance, shared faith, and a good pun, making for memories that will last a lifetime.

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Dress: David’s Bridal

Florist: Kroger

Cake: Linda Adams

Venue: Roanoke Country Club

Caterer: Roanoke Country Club

Planner: Charmaine Cress

Jewelry: AmRhein’s Jewelers

DJ: J.C. Castillo

Attendant Dresses: David’s Bridal

Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Makeup: Jolina Goad

Hair: Sarah Wright

Wedding Wednesday: The Smith Wedding

Jana & Cecil Smith

August 22, 2015

Photography by: Pat Cori Photography

Jana and Cecil met while living in Radford, Va. She had just finished school, and he was working at Norfolk Southern in Roanoke. Jana says they were both “stubborn with each other for dating, but once it happened… we both knew it was definitely meant forever.”

The night Cecil proposed, he was running late. Jana had just gotten off work when he let her know he’d be late, but he wanted to go to dinner. Jana made it home and got ready, and then she waited. Two glasses of wine later, she was still waiting. When he finally came in, he got down one knee and asked her to go to dinner with him as his fiancé. Jana said “YES” of course, and then he asked her to marry him. At dinner, she found out why he was late: he’d been with her father in Christiansburg asking for his permission.

Jana’s favorite part of the wedding was when they were saying vows. Cecil went first, and his voice cracked with emotion. And then the bridal party all started crying too. Jana wiped the tears from Cecil’s face, and the pastor asked for the rings. The next moment felt like it was straight from a movie: his dad dropped the rings. Thankfully, things didn’t turn into a disaster; on the contrary, Jana feels like it made a perfect moment even more perfect.

Another one of Jana’s favorite elements from the day was the live band. She and Cecil had decided they wanted a live band before he even proposed, and it was everything they ever wanted. Their guests still give them comments about it!

The theme of their wedding was classic and simple, with ivory/rustic pink and gold/silver as their colors. Their centerpieces were antique silver trays and three mercury glass candle holders with piles of pink roses at the base.

There were two wedding favors in particular that Jana really loved. The first was a keychain that spelled LOVE and doubled as a bottle opener. There was a tag attached that said “A brew for one, a brew for two, let the ‘L’ove open for you! Enjoy!” courtesy of her mother. The second favor was a black and gold koozie that said “Best Day Ever.”

One of the reasons Jana and Cecil’s wedding was so special was because Jana and her mom planned everything themselves. Jana works as a wedding planner, so after four years of planning other people’s big days it was nice to plan her own. She called her mom with any plan or thought she had, and together they were able to bring everything together exactly how they wanted it with the help of some friends and family.

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Dress: AmRhein’s Brides and Formals
Florist: The Flower Shoppe on Main
Cake: Cakes by Lisa
Ceremony: Thrasher Memorial United Methodist Church
Venue: Roanoke Country Club
Caterer: Roanoke Country Club
Jewelry: Henebry’s
DJ: Sam Hill Entertainment & Soul Expressions
Attendant Dresses: David’s Bridal
Groomsmen Attire: Jos. A. Bank
Makeup: Jessica Hall
Hair: Plaza 101
Seamstress: Mary Lou Prillaman
Transportation: Executive Limousine

Wedding Wednesday: The Boise Wedding

Christian & Jimmy Boise

July 19, 2015

Photography by: Wolfe Photography

Excited for a great G.N.O., Christian didn’t expect to meet her future husband that summer night. The couple met at Community Inn where Christian saw Jimmy, smiled, and sat down to chat. The two hit it off immediately and the rest, as they say, is history. It wasn’t until around a year later when Jimmy decided to propose, though. They had gotten all dressed-up for their anniversary dinner at Billy’s when Jimmy asked Christian to sit down on her living room couch. After disappearing for a few moments, Jimmy returned with a little box in his hand. He got down on one knee and explained all the reasons he wanted to spend his life with the amazing woman before him. Despite shaking with nerves and holding back tears, Jimmy was able to ask the big question. Christian wholeheartedly accepted and loved the simplicity of how Jimmy proposed to her.

The wedding was decorated with a simple country chic in mind. The accessories were simple and some were even handmade by members of the couple’s families, which helped to make the wedding preparation that much more special. The ceremony was held in the ballroom of the Roanoke Country Club where there were decorations in light pink, white, and sage. Roses were incorporated all around in those colors and specifically placed along the mantles of the fireplace where there were candles to accent the flowers. The centerpieces were made with plain clear glass vases that were attached to burlap and lace.

The wedding party for that day was almost entirely made up of the children Jimmy and Christian had from prior relationships. The couple found it important to include their children in as much of the day as possible and placed them right up front during the ceremony as a way to cement the blending of their families. Since the wedding was small and intimate, having the people they loved the most closest to them really made the ceremony much more special to the couple.

Christian remembers the moment she walked down the aisle and laid eyes on her groom. Jimmy was visibly choked up at the sight of her and that made her feel like the most beautiful girl in the room. It was Christian’s hope that Jimmy would be brought to tears by his emotions, but she was surprised when tears rolled down her cheeks as well. This raw and real emotion was one of the reasons why she loved Jimmy and it made her feel incredible to see it in his face as she walked toward him and into their future together.

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Dress: The Newfangled Bride
Florist: TFS Roanoke, Inc.
Cake: Mary Wolfe
Venue: Roanoke Country Club
Caterer: Roanoke Country Club
Planner: Erma Hedrick
Jewelry: Fink’s and AmRhein’s Fine Jewelry
DJ: DJ Shock
Attendants Dresses: The Newfangled Bride
Officiate: Thomas McCraken
Seamstress: Sew Right, LLC

Wedding Wednesday: The Vick Wedding

Kim & Duncan Vick

June 13, 2015

Photography by Pat Cori Photography

The story of how Duncan and Kim first met is a heated topic for the couple because they both have different ideas of how it happened. While Duncan says they met at a bar while out with mutual friends in Roanoke, Kim remembers differently. Kim remembers meeting during a particularly magical christmas party thrown by their mutual friends. Duncan came to the party and the two casually chatted as the evening went on. Later that night, the two went out and walked around town and returned to the party to watch a movie with their friends. Kim remembers duncan holding her hand throughout the entire movie and says that he even tucked her into bed after!

Whichever story is right, though, doesn’t matter because the ending was a first date that led to the love of their lives. One morning, Duncan told Kim that he wanted to take her and her dog on a hike. This was a trail that the had hiked together many times, but it was different on that morning. Before the two got to the overlook at the end of the trail, Duncan got down on one knee and asked Kim to spend the rest of her life with him. She, of course, excitedly accepted.

The wedding was decorated to look southern and chic, with navy and pink colors that looked beautiful against the outdoor terrace in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The guests of the wedding could tell how hard Kim had worked on planning the wedding just by the sashes on the chairs or the decor at the reception. Kim put her own style into the event and made sure everything was perfect from the flower-filled lanterns on the asiles to the gold picture frames displayed throughout the night. There were monograms of Kim and Duncan on many of the decorations, including the wedding favors which were coozies.

Kim’s favorite memory of the wedding, though, was the moment she started her walk and saw Duncan’s face. He couldn’t stop smiling at her from the other end of the aisle and the moment was so special and intimate that the couple will never forget it.

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Dress: David’s Bridal
Florist: Kroger
Cake: Linda Bratton
Venue: Roanoke Country Club
Caterer: Roanoke Country Club
Planner: Jana Mosby Smith
Jewelry: Kay Jewelers
DJ: Steven Davies
Attendant Dresses: Dessy from the Newfangled Bride
Groomsman Attire: Jos. A. Bank
Videographer: Star City Creations
Makeup & Hair: Les Cheveux Salon and Day Spa – Samantha Shivers
Seamstress: Mary Lou Prillaman

Wedding Wednesday: The Curran Wedding

Joey & Alexa Curran
July 5, 2014
Photography by Pat Cori Photography

 After meeting one night at a party during their high school years, Joey and Alexa have been together ever since! Joey planned a very romantic and surprising proposal for Alexa on the beach in Hilton Head during Thanksgiving. As they were walking toward the beach to “take a walk before dinner” Alexa saw chairs, champagne, and flowers set up and thought someone else was having their Thanksgiving dinner by the shore. It was quickly after that she realized this was all for her and before she knew it Joey was down on one knee. Their wedding featured a pink, navy, and cream color scheme with touches of greenery throughout giving the day a whimsical and romantic theme. During the reception, the wedding party and newlyweds all sat together facing the guests alongside windows that offered a scenic view of the golf course. The wedding was unique due to the all the special guests in attendance. High school friends, Joey’s soccer teammates, and Alexa’s sorority sisters all came, and some even traveled from far distances like Canada and England to be with them on their special day. As a nod to Joey’s soccer days, Alexa put a unique spin on the garter toss and stashed a soccer ball under her dress. After removing the garter, Joey placed it on the ball and kicked it for the bachelors to catch, and it made for quite the laugh. Alexa’s favorite memory of the evening was her first dance with her husband. They chose the song “You’re Everything” by Michael Buble, which has been a special song to them throughout their relationship. To keep with the color scheme of the wedding during the couple’s send off, guests threw pink and navy confetti to end the night in celebration.

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Dress: Kitty Chen from The Newfangled Bride
Florist: The Flower Shoppe on Main
Cake: Mary Ogilvie
Ceremony: St. Andrew’s Catholic Church
Venue: Roanoke Country Club
Caterer: Roanoke Country Club
Planner: Debbie Haynes
Jewelry: Frantz Diamonds
DJ: East Coast Entertainment- Soul Play
Attendants’ Dresses: Alfred Sung from The Newfangled Bride
Groomsmen’s Attire: Jos. A. Bank
Hair: Terin Mabry
Makeup: Les Cheveux Salon & Day Spa- Jolina Goad
Seamstress: Sew Right LLC


Wedding Wednesday: The Marshall Wedding

Samson & Ashley Marshall
October 26, 2013
Photography by Laura’s Focus Photography

Ashley swears she and Samson should be in a commercial as one of their success stories! After a movie for their first date, they opted for a dinner date, where Ashley became “more and more smitten.” For their anniversary celebration, Samson insisted they have dinner at Lucky, their favorite restaurant in downtown Roanoke. As they were sipping drinks, Samson said he had a present for Ashley, which turned out to be THE ring and a proposal. After she said, “of course!” the couple had their photo taken in front of the restaurant. Ashley definitely got “lucky” at Lucky! Their wedding was unique because of the blending of their heritage and personalities. A vintage style dress (along with gorgeous faux fur shawl) fit perfectly, while Samson wore his best Iron Man socks, three piece suit and hand-tied bowtie. Ashley knew it was important for the wedding to represent each of them as well as together as a couple. Ashley also wanted as locally-sourced as possible, showcasing the best of Roanoke to her DC in-laws. Black and royal blue with touches of gold and ivory complemented the country club’s existing decor. Centerpieces were created using wooden cigar boxes, while a variety of cupcakes were a sweet touch. Firearm brass was used for boutonniere holders, while the bride carefully chose non-traditional blooms for her flower bouquets. The cake toppers were two-fold, as they had a Southern touch for Ashley and a nerdy touch for Samson. The newlyweds celebrated with a honeymoon to Puerto Rico with a Caribbean cruise so they visit six islands to celebrate.

Be sure to see the Marshall wedding on page 106 of the second issue of bridebook, on newsstands now!

Dress: Vera Wang
Florist: The Crystal Orchid
Cake: Viva La Cupcake
Venue: Roanoke Country Club
Caterer: Roanoke Country Club
Planner: White Peonies
Jewelry: Azar’s Jewelry and Masterworks Jewelry
Band: The Funk Cousins (No Relation)
DJ: Sam Lumsden
Attendants’ Dresses: Two Birds Bridesmaids and David’s Bridal
Favors: The Candy Shop and Chocolate Spike
Cigars: Milan’s


Wedding Wednesday: The Hanna Wedding

John & Carter Hanna
August 3, 2013
Photography by Sam Dean

John and Carter met in 2007 thanks to their families pushing them to meet. For his proposal during a family vacation, John first asked Carter’s father and grandfather for her hand in marriage. After their approval, John took Carter for a walk on the beach; they returned to find her family waiting with champagne. Their family and friends played a large part in their wedding, thanks to each of them doing readings, greeting guests at the church and as flower girl and ring bearer. One of Carter’s favorite memories of her wedding was incorporating her grandfather into her day – due to a last minute issue, he could not make it to the actual wedding. Carter surprised her family with a life-sized cutout “Granddad” that spent the entire weekend with them at the rehearsal, getting their makeup done, and even dancing at the reception! Because Carter has a passion for blue and white, plus John’s love of bright colors, they used blue and white urns that he’d collected over the years with flower colors that popped. The blue and white lent to an Asian theme with their decorations and guests were given colorful fortune cookies as favors. At the end of the night when the band announced the last song, the happy bride actually burst into tears because she couldn’t believe the night was over. Lucky for her, the band never wants to see the bride cry so they played one more song for her! The couple celebrated their new marriage with a honeymoon to the British Virgin Island, where they relaxed on a peaceful beach.

Be sure to see the Hanna wedding on page 72 of the second issue of bridebook, on newsstands now!

Dress: New York Bride
Florist: George’s Flowers
Cake: Linda Adams
Ceremony: St. John’s Episcopal Church
Venue: Roanoke Country Club
Caterer: Roanoke Country Club
Jewelry: Fink’s
DJ: Sam Hill Entertainment
Attendants’ Dresses: Bella Bridesmaid
Groomsmen’s Attire: Jos. A. Bank

Wedding Wednesday: The Crowder Wedding

Marcus & Katie Crowder
July 6, 2013
Photography by Noah Magnifico Photography

Marcus and Katie met their freshmen year at James Madison University while in the same Science in Education class. During their junior year, they realized they wanted more than just friendship and began dating. Five and a half years later, Marcus planned his perfect proposal during one of their hikes up Humpback Rocks. Marcus’s older brother set up a blanket, flowers, and champagne at the top of the mountain; when they reached the top, Marcus got down on one knee and proposed. That evening, they visited his parents’ house to find their friends and families together to celebrate with them. Katie says their bridal party made the wedding unique since most of the bridal party consisted of their siblings and family; because of their connections, everyone knew one another and set the stage for a fun, comfortable day. She also says one of their favorite memories was when her nephew Jack, who had previously been upset and unsure about walking down the aisle, made it down to deliver the pillow and ran back down the aisle shouting “I did it! I did it!” A green, gray, and blue color palette rounded out the simple, country feel; centerpieces of large and small Mason jars were wrapped in raffia and filled with green and blue hydrangeas, Bells of Ireland, and snapdragons. Tall green seaglass vases were also filled with baby’s breath. Because the couple are both teachers, small chalkboards with table numbers served to help guests to their seats. In lieu of wedding favors, the couple made a donation to the Dzindi Primary in Venda, South Africa (an elementary school they both taught at while studying abroad). They both wanted to donate to a place in great need and set up a table with photo albums and pictures of their experience so guests could understand and enjoy the meaning behind it. The couple spent their 7 day/night honeymoon in Sandals Whitehouse in Jamaica.

Be sure to see the Crowder wedding on page 60 of the second issue of bridebook, on newsstands now!

Dress: Reflections Bridal
Florist: Vickie Chambers/Kroger
Cake: Sarah G. Designs
Ceremony: Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church
Venue: Roanoke Country Club
Caterer: Roanoke Country Club
Jewelry: Keller & George
DJ: RSP Entertainment
Attendants’ Dresses: J. Crew
Groomsmen’s Attire: Vera Wang from Men’s Wearhouse

Wedding Wednesday: The Martin Wedding

Craig & Ashley Martin
June 29, 2013
Photography by Kevin Hurley Photography

Ashley and Craig met through mutual friends while working in the Bridgewater area. Because she taught school in Roanoke while he was a police officer in Harrisonburg, much of their relationship was long-distance. On a very special weekend when Ashley went to visit, Craig was waiting for her on one knee next to a heart made from rose petals. The rose stems spelled out “Will you marry me?” Sixteen months later, the two were married on a beautiful day surrounded by friends and family. The ceremony took place in the church where Ashley grew up, while the reception was held at the country club where she’d spend much of her life swimming, playing tennis and golf, and working at the golf shop. Their wedding theme was simple but elegant, complemented by black and ivory colors with a touch of red. Bridesmaids wore simple black dresses and red shoes, while the groomsmen wore black tuxes and red ties. Red roses made for table centerpieces while the bridal bouquet had gorgeous shades of red. Guests received packets of coffee titled “The Perfect Blend” as party favors. The newly married Mr. and Mrs. Martin spent their wedding night at Hotel Roanoke and had brunch with the friends and family before they whisked off to their Hawaiian honeymoon.

Be sure to see the Martin wedding on page 56 of the second issue of bridebook, on newsstands now!

Dress: Chantilly Lace
Florist: Susan Bucher
Cake: Mary Ogilvie
Ceremony: First Baptist Church
Venue: Roanoke Country Club
Caterer: Roanoke Country Club
Entertainment: Timeless
Wedding Night Accommodations: Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center

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