Wedding Wednesday: The Millehan Wedding

The Millehan Wedding

May 21, 2016

Photography by: Kevin Hurley Photography

Sara Clark moved to Roanoke in middle school; It was there, at school, that she met the man who would eventually become her husband. Chris Millehan and Sara formed a friendship during their middle school years and dated on and off until high school, where they decided all they ever wanted was to be with one another. The two went off to Virginia Tech together to further their education, and it was in Blacksburg, at the Duck Pond, that Chris waited for Sara and her friends, with ring, roses, and champagne in hand. The two say that they can’t even remember what was said during the proposal, but all that mattered was the resounding “Yes!”

Sara and Chris pride themselves on their “fairy tale” love story, and thus it is no surprise that their wedding was an event full of love and tradition. The ceremony was held in a local church, which the two often frequented together. It was short, traditional, and perfectly showcased the couples mutual love for one another and for God. It was during their reception that the couple felt they should give back to their friends and family that have supported them through the years. So, the reception was “100% guest driven.” Sara and Chris just wanted their guests to have fun and enjoy the celebration.

However, they made sure to stay true to themselves during the whole event. They served Sushi, their favorite meal, at their reception. Their caterer was even able to incorporate a family recipe into the menu. The couple’s first date was at a Sushi restaurant that they were able to revisit on their wedding day. The owner has witnessed the two grow as individuals and as a couple, from their first date to their wedding day. There is a framed photograph of the couple hanging in the restaurant to this day.

One of the things that the couple was most thankful for was the quiet time they took for themselves between the ceremony and the pictures. The two of them escaped to a deserted Sunday School room and just basked in the excitement of being together and married at last. While they were on their small retreat, the rain, that was threatening to fall all day, finally fell, and the two said that that was the moment it really sank in that good things really do come to those who wait. By the time it was time for them to rejoin the party, the rain had stopped.

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Dress: Proms, Pageants & Pretty Things

Florist: Gloriosa

Cake: Diane’s Cake Creations

Ceremony: Colonial Avenue Baptist Church

Venue: Corinthian Ball Room

Caterer: Chanticleer Catering

Planner: Lisa Link

Jewelry: Fink’s Jewelery

DJ: RSP Entertainment

Attendant Dresses: Proms, Pageants & Pretty Things

Groomsmen Attire: Proms, Pageants & Pretty Things

Hair: Shear Perfection

Bridal Preparation: King George Inn


Wedding Wednesday: The Morris Wedding

The Morris Wedding

April 30, 2016

Photography by: Sam Stroud Photography

Joanna Frye and Andrew Morris sure enjoyed taking their time. The couple dated off and on in high school, but it wasn’t until they both got to college that their relationship got serious. On that same theme, Andrew’s proposal was drawn out over the course of eleven months. For Valentine’s day, Andrew gifted Joanna with a box of envelopes. The final envelope in the box contained tickets to see the Biltmore House at Christmas. While taking pictures at the overlook of the house, Andrew said “I just really want to marry you!” This was no surprise to Joanna, as Andrew had been saying this for months. This time, though, Andrew got down on one knee.

Joanna and Andrew’s wedding did not have a “theme,” but instead, the couple aimed to invoke a certain feeling in their guests. Their goal was to make them feel welcomed and invited. To do this, the couple utilized soft blushes and ivories, with the occasional pop of navy blue. As the night continued, the pink shades began to darker, and the color scheme was brought full circle with an ombre flower cascade on the staircase at their reception.

The food they served at their wedding was very important to both Joanna and Andrew. The couple worked with their caterer to create food stations that reflected these favorite places, flavors, and foods that the couple was able to experience together during the course of their long distance relationship. And then, of course, there was the wedding cake. With Joanna being a pastry chef, many people expected that she would be making her own cake. However, she wanted to be able to enjoy her day as the bride that she was. She worked closely with the caterer designing the cake, and she was able to really bring her vision alive, without having to stress about assembling the cake herself.

The wedding was made possible by close relationships with not just the guests, but many of the vendors as well. Working closely with these vendors, that they already had close relationships with made the planning process all the more special. That planning paid off, and the couple  were able to celebrate their marriage in a day full of flowers, good food, and great company.

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Dress: Tiffany’s Bridal

Florist: Creative Occasions

Cake: Center Stage Catering

Venue: Taubman Museum of Art

Caterer: Blue Ridge Catering

Planner: Events by Sherri

Jewelry: Jewells Fine Jewelry

Makeup: Charisse Crammer

Hair: Amy Dodson

DJ: RSP Entertainment

Attendant Dresses: Pearl’s Place

Groomsmen Attire: Proms, Pageants, & Pretty Things

Lighting: Lighting Ninja, INC

Rentals: Country Road Vintage Rentals

Transportation: Prestige Limousine Service & Executive Service

Videographer: Solo Koo Wedding Films

Wedding Wednesday: The Nichols Wedding

The Nichols Wedding

October 31, 2015

Photography by: Alison Creasy Photography

While home for the weekend from college, Shannon went out to a bar with her mom. After making a comment about the cute bartender, her mom dared her to get the man’s number. She gave him a pickup line while ordering drinks, and then she spent the night trying to exchange phone numbers. They finally did, and then came the waiting game before finally texting each other. They made plans to meet up the following weekend.

A few days before proposing, Drew asked Shannon to keep her Saturday open. They spent the whole day together, and then had dinner in the same restaurant as their first date. Shannon was starting to have her suspicions by then, especially when after dinner they went to the Roanoke Star, which had been their second date. Drew waited a little bit for people to leave, and then when it was just the two of them he finally proposed.

Just two short months before the wedding, Shannon’s best friend Kelly was paralyzed and in a coma. When it became clear she wouldn’t recover fast enough to be in the wedding, Shannon thought up other ways for her to be part of the bridal party. Thanks to modern technology, they were able to Facetime Kelly so she could walk down the aisle and stand next to Shannon, and she was introduced at the reception.

They had a Halloween wedding, combining Drew’s favorite holiday with Shannon’s love of fall. It also allowed them to use purple and black for their colors, Shannon’s favorite colors. They used pumpkins, inflatable coffin coolers for drinks, bales of hay, sunflowers, black table cloths, and purple and orange lights to decorate. Their party favors were Scum Soaps with names like Graveyard Ghost, absinthe, and Cauldron. The aisle was lined with mums, and she walked to The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony. Their reception served BBQ, mac’n’cheese, baked beans, and cole slaw, and they played alternative rock music.

It was the little touches of Halloween mixed with fall elements that really made the wedding feel unique. The purple and black cake sat on a spider-web stand, but there were also pumpkins and bales of hay to balance out the holiday theme.

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Dress: Allure from Proms, Pageants, and Pretty Things

Florist: The Flower Shoppe on Main

Cake: Casey’s Cakes

Venue: Santillane

Caterer: Wildwood Smokehouse

Planner: Fortunate Events

DJ: RSP Entertainment

Attendant Dresses: Proms, Pageants, and Pretty Things

Groomsmen Attire: Proms, Pageants, and Pretty Things

Rentals: Aztec Rental

Makeup: Make Up by Ravishing


Wedding Wednesday: The Roman Wedding

Janelle & Carlos Roman Wedding

September 20, 2015

Photography by: Noah Magnifico- Photographer

Avid football fans, Janelle and Carlos met at a friend’s house watching a playoff game for the Superbowl. Despite loving different teams, they manage to enjoy the game together each season.

The evening Carlos proposed, he took Janelle to her favorite restaurant and then up to the Roanoke Star. He had already secretly met with her parents to ask for their blessing, and he had arranged for their friends to hide out in the trees. When Janelle turned around, his son was holding a small box. Janelle cried while Carlos explained the special symbolism behind the custom amethyst and black diamond ring he had designed for her.

The ceremony was written by the bride, groom, and the couple who performed the ceremony. They weaved together light hearted love, meaningful words of light, biblical messages of love and covenant, and precious tidbits from parents and role models to speak of the life they wanted to have together.

Janelle and Carlos had a Batman theme for their wedding. Everything from the music to the lighting and decorations was focused around the epic theme. Their venue, the Grandin Theatre, provided the perfect atmosphere to tie everything together. They even served popcorn after the ceremony!

To go along with their theme, they incorporated a blend of light and dark grays and purples, and as much silvery sparkle as possible. Instead of flowers, each guest table had a different character theme like The Riddler, The Penguin, Catwoman and Poison Ivy, with tablecloths and colors to match. Each table also had fiber optic lamps with a lighted vase of that table’s character. Their cake topper was custom made with their names and color scheme in a bat signal and a Gotham City skyline.

Both the dinner buffet and the dessert buffet was provided by friends and family bringing special dishes, blending Italian, Mexican, and American cuisine. They also set out a dessert platter of Little Debbie Fudge Rounds and York peppermint patties-Janelle’s favorite treats. The wine that they served was hand picked by Janelle, Carlos, and Carlos’s brother from Janelle’s hometown.

Janelle took pieces of her mother’s wedding dress when creating her three-layer veil, and she also used part of the sleeve to wrap around her bouquet. Her shoes and the maid and matron of honor’s headbands also received special attention from Janelle, and each were embellished with sequins and rhinestone stars. She also incorporated stars into her wedding dress, appliqueing the side and hip of the dress. Both her bouquet and her bridesmaids’ bouquets were also handmade.

The last big project for Janelle was Carlos’s tux. They wanted something that screamed “The Joker” without being too costume-y. She designed the purple tux, and they found the shirt and shoes to match. They also custom made the groomsmen’s t-shirts. The suspenders and matching purple shoes really tied the look together.

It was also really important for Janelle that every member of the wedding party had some Batman charm linking them together. She made necklaces for the groomsmen and wore a bracelet herself, and they also had matching silver sunglasses with the bat signal on the lenses. There were a lot of details that pulled this wedding together, but all their hard work paid off and created a truly unique wedding experience!

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Dress: Proms, Pageants, and Pretty Things
Cake: Wal-Mart Bakery
Ceremony: Grandin Theatre
Venue: Charter Hall
Lighting: Lighting Ninjas

Wedding Wednesday: The O’Shea Wedding

Steve & Amber O’Shea
September 27, 2014
Photography by Kathy Taylor Scott

Steve and Amber met while both working for the same small consulting firm. They started off as just friends, but, as time passed, their relationship became something much more.

On a Wednesday night in June, Steve planned a picnic for him and Amber at their favorite park: The Iwo Jima Memorial in Arlington, VA. The weather was perfect, the park was unusually empty, and Steve decided to propose. Amber said yes, and the couple went home to tell their friends and family the great news.

Amber and Steve both wanted a laid-back wedding, and there were plenty of personal touches that made the celebration distinct. Braeloch, the venue, was large and ideal for dancing and mingling. There were no assigned seats; rather, guests ate a buffet-style feast from Wildwood and sat together at long tables. The wedding cakes were customized to reflect Steve and Amber’s interests. The main cake had an overall “baseball” theme because of the couple’s love for baseball. The smaller cakes were embellished with Amber and Steve’s favorite team logos–for her, the Atlanta Braves, and for him, the Philadelphia Phillies. Additionally, all of the centerpieces were DIY creations.

Music was ultimately one of the most important parts of the wedding for the couple. Their first dance was to “You’ve Got A Friend In Me” from Toy Story as a nod to their time spent as friends before they started dating. Amber danced with her dad to “Tiny Dancer” by Elton John, and Steve and his mom danced to “Just The Way You Are” by Billy Joel. The Bridesmaids walked down the aisle to “All I Ask of You” from the Phantom of the Opera Score, and the entire night was full of dancing and laughing to a variety of music played by the couple’s DJ. During the last song, everyone got up and joined in a group dance. Amber and Steve’s lively soundtrack created many fun moments and lasting memories for the couple to carry with them.

Be sure to see the O’Shea wedding on page 96 of the third issue of bridebook!

Dress: Allure Bridal from Proms, Pageants and Pretty Things
Florist: George’s Flowers
Cake: Cakes by Lisa
Venue: Braeloch
Caterer: Wildwood Smokehouse
Planner: Maggee Dorsey
Jewelry: Tiffany & Co.
DJ: RSP Entertainment
Attendant’s Dresses: Alfred Sung from Bella Bridesmaids
Groomsmen’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse
Hair: Country Hair Salon
Transportation: Mountain Valley Transportation

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