Wedding Wednesday: The Moschler Wedding

The Moschler Wedding

May 28, 2016

Photography by: Erin Kling Photography

Sometimes all it takes is that initial look, and you know something big just happened. Maria “Kat” Broines and Tyler Moschler met at a concert, and they say, right away there was a spark and a connection between the two of them. That single moment was the start of seven happy years together. The day after their seventh anniversary, Tyler sent Kat on a photo scavenger hunt around New York City. At first, Kat thought Tyler was just being sweet, seeing as their anniversary was the day before, but at the sixth stop Kat’s sister was waiting for her, and she started to catch on to what was really happening. Her suspicions confirmed at spot number seven, where she was prompted to turn around and found Tyler waiting for her.

The couple met in New York City. Many of their friends were from the city, and so it was important to the couple to show case the beauty of Virginia. That being said, it’s no surprise that Kat wanted a mountain back drop for her wedding. The couple chose their venue for the natural beauty. They say that they knew this was where they’d get married the first time they stepped on the grounds. The event was classic and vintage, with tea kettle, antique books, flowers, and succulents, as center pieces. Everything, including the Riverview Manor, fit together timelessly and effortlessly

The wedding, though the perfect show case of Virginia beauty, wouldn’t be complete if the couple weren’t true to their New York start. Seeing as they met, dated, and loved in New York, it would have been wrong to exclude it from the wedding. The seating chart was arranged as an enlarged NYC subway map. The tables were labeled as “stops” on the map, each being somewhere important to their relationship the last seven years. Furthering their blending with NYC, each guest received a personalized Cracker Jack Box, with the couple’s names, wedding date, and the New York Mets logo.

The day was the perfect blend of vintage, Virginia, and New York City. It was the ideal way to showcase their love for one another and the places that built them.

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Dress: Rosa Clara

Florist: Cheryl’s Secret Garden

Cake: Brandi’s Studio Cakes

Venue: Riverview Manor

Caterer: Golden Leaf Bistro

Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Warewhouse

Hair: Jessica Comiskey

Makeup: Ashley Ancheta

DJ: Stewart Scott

Band: If Birds Could Fly


Wedding Wednesday: The Coffey Wedding

The Coffey Wedding

April 30, 2016

Photography by: Kimberly Izatt Photography

Laura Pruner’s and Eric Coffey’s first date was a long time in the making. They first met online, exchanging emails and phone calls, before finally meeting for their first date. Eric proposed on a weekend trip to Charleston, South Carolina, during an evening walk on the first night of their trip.

Their mutual faith was a large part of what made their wedding special. Laura says her favorite part of the ceremony was sharing communion with Eric, moments before they finally became man and wife. This is was when the tears finally started to fall, and was a very special moment for the two of them. The couple wants their mutual Christian faith at the center of their marriage, so it was only right for it to be the center of their ceremony as well.

A fun-filled reception followed the ceremony, where the bride and groom shared their first dance to the tune of “Love Of My Life,” and the guests got to enjoy a four tiered butter cake with butter cream frosting. It was a simple, elegant, cream colored cake, standing proud on a silver cake stand, which accented Laura’s gown’s silver beading and her silver sparkly shoes.

With a last name like Coffey, it would have been a shame to miss out on a pun inspired wedding favor. Each guest received a burlap bag of coffee with a label that read, “Enjoy this coffee from the Coffey’s.” The day was centered on elegance, shared faith, and a good pun, making for memories that will last a lifetime.

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Dress: David’s Bridal

Florist: Kroger

Cake: Linda Adams

Venue: Roanoke Country Club

Caterer: Roanoke Country Club

Planner: Charmaine Cress

Jewelry: AmRhein’s Jewelers

DJ: J.C. Castillo

Attendant Dresses: David’s Bridal

Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Makeup: Jolina Goad

Hair: Sarah Wright

Wedding Wednesday: The Dannenberg Wedding

The Dannenberg Wedding

December 19, 2015

Photography by: Crystal George Studios

Stephanie Nance and Richard Dannenberg met through an online community and mutual friends at a dance game tournament. The two maintained a long distance relationship full of fun-packed weekend visits spent together. It was a normal day when Richard popped the question. He often brought his cello on these weekend trips, so when he brought it out to play Stephanie a song, she didn’t think twice about it. What caused a pause was the stage-fright Richard was  suffering from as he played the song, which included the phrase “I propose to you…” After the proposal, which included many ring pops and one beautiful engagement ring, Stephanie was at a loss for words. It took a moment before she finally blurted her affirmation.

This white, red, and black affair was a Christmas themed celebration of love and community. There was mistletoe hanging from chandelier and pine cone accents decorating the venue, there were even two pine cones perched on the cake, wearing a top hat and veil, cake toppers that Stephanie made herself. The whole event was a subtle tribute to the couple’s mutual faith.

Early in their relationship, while visiting friends, they both ordered ice cream for a sweet alternative breakfast, unaware of what the other had chosen. It only seemed fitting that the couple incorporate their mutual love for ice cream, in this already love filled event. The event had an open ice cream bar, which was full of sweet fixings for the perfect sundae.

On top of their mutual love for ice cream, this couple felt their love for music should also be showcased during the reception. Instead of the traditional band or DJ, Stephanie spent hours carefully choosing a playlist that she felt would enhance the couple’s wedding, indulge their musical styles, and also please their friends and family. Stephanie points out that though her mother doesn’t usually like her music, she caught her bopping along.

Their wedding was full of Christmas cheer and love. The two loved that they were able to involve their friends from all around the country, from Seattle to Orlando, and with their relationship being long distance, it was a chance for their two extended-families to really come together.

Make sure to see more of the Dannenberg Wedding on page 38 of bridebook!

Dress: Celebration Bridal

Florist: Gillespie’s Flowers

Cake: The Homestead

Venue: The Homestead

Caterer: The Homestead

Planner: The Homestead

Jewelry: Haywood’s Jewelers and Kranich’s Jewelers

Attendant Dresses: David’s Bridal

Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Warehouse

Wedding Favors: Sugar Tree Country Store


Wedding Wednesday: The Mayes Wedding

The Mayes Wedding

November 14, 2015

Photography by: Lori Hedrick Photography

Christian Mayes and Sarah Landrum met through mutual friends who were trying to set up Christian. It took a while for the two of them to warm up to one another, but finally, on a rainy Sunday, Christian invited Sarah to lunch by saying, “I gotta eat, you gotta eat, so we might as well do it together.” From that moment on, Sarah says she knew that he was different. On their 9-month anniversary, Christian proposed on an after-dinner walk by the river. He said, reminiscent of their beginnings as a couple, “I’ve got to get married, and you’ve got to get married, so you might as well marry me.”

Sarah wasn’t sure about her husband-to-be’s idea of a brunch wedding. As it turned out, a brunch wedding was just to this couple’s taste. This way they could wake up in the morning and immediately begin the preparations and enjoy the festivities. There was no waiting around, as the ceremony started at 11:00 A.M, and, with a November wedding, they were able to enjoy the warmest part of the day with their guests.

Besides the early ceremony and reception, the day was highlighted with a traditional, classic reception. But, like with the brunch-aspect, Sarah and William wanted to add themselves into the event. One thing that they both find important is the legacy of love and support that they both come from. They celebrated their families by having a “family themed” wedding. There was a wedding dance for all married couples; each couple was slowly dismissed based on how long they’d been married. Sarah’s and William’s grandparents were the last two couples dancing.

Their wedding was a beautiful autumnal affair, with soft golds, browns, and creams, with the occasional pop of maroon and green. This celebration of their love and appreciation for their family was the perfect way to honor their own love and new beginning as husband and wife.

Make sure to see more of the Mayes Wedding on page 36 of bridebook!

Dress: Becky’s Bridal

Florist: Petals by Alisha

Cake: Coffee Cakes

Venue: West Manor Estate

Caterer: West Manor Estate

Planner: A Little Party Events

Jewelry: Ginger’s Jewelry

DJ: Barry Tosh

Attendant Dresses: Becky’s Bridal

Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Warehouse

Hair: Kathryn O’Brien & Joe Jones

Videography: Solo Koo Wedding Films


Wedding Wednesday: The Wright-Hoza Wedding

Debora Wright & Roy Hoza

April 4, 2015

Photography by Kimberley Izatt Photography

Christmastime is always known as the season for magic—and love. Debora and Roy went on their first date to watch the Christmas boat parade in Richmond. They stood on a balcony that overlooked the glowing James River while sipping on champagne and inching closer together in the cold. With an evening like that, it wasn’t a surprise that the two fell in love! Later on Roy prepared a proposal full of comfort and love. On one romantic evening spent at home, he kneeled down and asked Deborah to be his wife. Of course, she was more than ecstatic to accept.

However, the engagement wasn’t without hardship as Debora was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. It is during this period that the couple can think of some of their most fond memories. Roy was Debora’s faithful and loving caregiver throughout her illness, and supported her all the way to her victory. It was this time in their relationship that the two became closer than ever and they realized that the strength and love between them could conquer all. During their vows, the phrase “In sickness and health” really held meaning for them because they knew it would sustain them through any trials that should come their way.

The wedding day was full of love and merriment as Roy and Debora brought their two families together from their previous marriages. Because of this, the theme of the day was symbolized with a circle. It was important to both of them that each member of their family participated in the ceremony. The event was small, with only 30 guests which the couple had seated in a circle around them. This was in order to represent the circle of love that was created by their relatives and close friends in attendance. Within the large circle of guests, there was a smaller circle of the wedding party including the bride and groom.

The wedding rings were kept in a mirrored box that was passed around the circle in order to be blessed by each guest, during which the harpist played “I Do, I Do it For you,” by Bryan Adams. This provided the intimate setting that the bride and groom desired in order to make their wedding unique.

The ceremony and reception took place in the Green Drawing Room, which is the main building of Hollins University. They chose this location because the bride and her mother are both alumni of the university. During her college years, Debora had lived in this building and spent a lot of time in the drawing room, so it help a lot of significance to be married to Roy there.

As a symbol of Debora’s victory over her breast cancer, the couple had pink roses decorating the wedding. The flower has always been significant in their relationship as it grew and Debora made sure to have them mixed into her spring bouquet. At the end of the ceremony, the bride and groom were sent off in a cascade of bubbles blown by their guests. The bubbles were their wedding favors and they came with a note that said “Blow bubbles of good wishes for the new Mr. and Mrs.”

Be sure to see the Wright-Hoza wedding on page 40 of the fourth issue of bridebook!

Mea culpa: In our extensive venue guide chart, we listed Hollins as having a smaller space than intended. Under Venue Capacity, Hollins will accept anywhere from 20-600 guests – plenty of room for all your favorite friends and family on your big day!

Dress: David’s Bridal
Florist: Green Designs, LLC
Cake: Confection Connection
Venue: Green Drawing Room, Hollins University
Caterer: Meriwether Godsey at Hollins University
Jewelry: International Gem & Jewelry Show
Harpist: Whitney Cairns
Attendants Dresses: David’s Bridal
Groomsman’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse
Hair: TJ Oldfield

Wedding Wednesday: The Bright Wedding

Matt & Brittney Bright
September 13, 2014
Photography by K.D Burke Photography

Matt and Brittney first met in Reston, VA, where Matt was working in a Potbelly Sandwich works restaurant. Brittney found herself drawn to the restaurant more and more frequently after her and Matt began talking. Eventually, Brittney gave Matt her phone number, which led to their first date: dinner and fireworks on the Fourth of July!

The day Matt proposed, Brittney thought she was taking off work to see an Orioles game. However, Brittney became suspicious when Matt insisted of going out in dressy attire and bringing their puppy, Oakley, to the park before the game. Brittney was initially a bit annoyed at Matt’s strange behavior and the fact that they were wasting time in a park instead of at the game, but her attitude quickly changed when she saw a basket filled with flowers and Champaign. Next thing Britney knew, Matt was on one knee behind her with a beautiful diamond ring. He had also arranged for a photographer to be present, for both of their families family to be there waiting for them when he took her out for dinner later that night, and for a limousine and wine tasting the next morning! The proposal took months of planning, and left Brittney stunned and delighted.

Prior to the wedding. Brittney and Matt decided to share a first look. No photographers were present, but the couple was nevertheless overwhelmed by the intimacy of the moment. They hugged each other tightly and cried tears of joy. This quiet moment gave both Brittney and Matt time to share in their joy before the busy ceremony.

The outdoor ceremony took place in the venue’s pergola. The centerpieces were perfect for the fall-themed wedding: white pumpkins filled with flowers. Brittney’s bouquet also contained bright fall tones, and Brittney used a lace sleeve from her mother’s wedding dress to wrap around the flower stems.  The ballroom in which the reception was held had the perfect southern charm, and required few extra decorations. The cake was traditionally elegant, but had the added touch of the Penn State Mascot (Matt’s Alma Matter) peeking out from behind. The grooms cake was a replica of Oakley, the couples beloved Golden Retriever. Additionally, the table linens were navy and white, an inadvertent reference to Penn State’s colors.

For favors, Brittney and Matt handed our ring pops as a nod to Matt’s joke that he would get Brittney a ring pop as an engagement ring. A note was tied to each ring pop explaining the couple’s inside joke. They also gave out mason jars that each guest could customize. And, as a special touch, Matt, Britney, and the bridesmaids wore scuba diving pins to commemorate Matt’s dad, who had an affinity for scuba diving before he passed away. Little details like these made Matt and Britney’s wedding  the perfectly unique celebration of their love and devotion to one another.

Be sure to see the Bright wedding on page 84 of the third issue of bridebook!

Dress: Kitty Chen Couture from Patina’s Bridal & Formals
Cake: Love is in the Air
Venue: The Trivium
Caterer: Love is in the Air
Jewelry: Kay Jewelers
DJ: Music, Music & More Music
Attendants’ Dresses: Mori Lee from Patina’s Bridals and Formals
Groomsmen’s Attire: Ralph Lauren from Men’s Warehouse
Hair and Makeup: Bodyworks Salon — Emily Garbee Harris

Wedding Wednesday: The Thomas Wedding

Carr & Lyndze Thomas
September 12, 2014
Photography by Pat Cori Photography

It was love at first sight for Lyndze and Carr, who met in the restaurant Lyndze was working at the summer after her high school graduation. Carr walked in for dinner, but left with Lyndze’s phone number. Several years later, Lyndze came home to a pitch black apartment. Surprisingly, when she walked through the door she heard her and Carr’s song “Hey Pretty Girl” echoing through the house. She also saw an illuminated bouquet of roses and a ring box containing a beautiful engagement ring. Carr and the couple’s dog, Lilly, emerged from their hiding spots and Carr proposed.

The couple chose to get married on a Friday night, which allowed them to stretch their budget, chose the venders they wanted, and create a picturesque yet simple wedding filled with southern charm. The Kyle House of Fincastle proved the perfect venue to give the couple the rustic elegance they desired. The floral design was natural and seamless, incorporating ivory, blush, and cherry pink flowers. The bridesmaids carried a delicate mix of white hydrangea and baby’s breath, and a trim of lace and twine on the bridal bouquet added a dash of old-fashioned beauty. Vintage Coca-Cola bottle favors were another classic and fun touch.

One of the most memorable aspects of the wedding was the inclusion of Lyndze and Carr’s dog, Lilly, in the ceremony. The giant English mastiff walked down the aisle with the rest of the wedding party, wearing a decorated collar. She got to watch both her “parents” say their vows, and even posed with them in the wedding portraits! This made the photos particular memorable. Lyndze, who is a photographer herself, had a blast taking so many creative and fun portraits with Pat Cori, who shot the couple’s wedding.

Lyndze also notes how much she loved her first dance. She had always wanted her first dance to be to Miranda Lambert’s “Making Plans,” and being able to experience the song with her new husband tied the evening together perfectly. The next morning, the couple left for their honeymoon in Jamaica!

Be sure to see the Thomas wedding on page 82 of the third issue of bridebook!

Dress: David’s Bridal
Florist: Elle Emme Floral Design and Atelier
Cake: Priceless Cups and Catering For You
Venue: The Kyle House
Caterer: Schaal’s Catering
Attendants’ Dresses: David’s Bridal
Groomsmen’s Attire: Men’s Warehouse
Hair: The Hair Salon — Samantha Witt Morgan
Makeup: Audrey Hinchey

Behind the Scenes of the Kidd Wedding

Amanda Estep + Justin Kidd – September 15, 2012

Photography by Tara Lilly Design & Photography

Amanda Estep and Justin Kidd met through Amanda’s cosmetologist mother. Justin was a client and her mother raved about him to Amanda. Eventually Amanda took matters into her own hands! Once the timing worked out, the two began speaking and eventually became a wonderful couple. Justin popped the question at Amanda’s graduation party and later took her to the jewelry store to have her pick out the ring of her dreams. The couple held a ceremony full of cherished memories from Amanda’s father breaking down into tears while giving her away, and Justin saying ‘I Do’ before it was time (he was just so excited!).

To read more about their love story and see more photos, pick up a copy of bridebook (on newsstands now) and flip to page 64!

Sottero & Midgley from Celebration Bridal
The Arrangement Company
CAKE Evie’s
Wildflour Wedding Cakes
West Manor Estate
West Manor Estate
Haywood’s Jewelers
Barry Tosh with Len Barry DeeJay Services
David’s Bridal
Men’s Warehouse

Behind the Scenes of the Coleman Wedding

Mary Beth Dobbs + Kevin Coleman- June 15, 2013

Photography by Lori Hedrick Photography

Mary Beth Dobbs and Kevin Coleman were lucky that Kevin had his shift at the restaurant the night Mary Beth walked through those doors. She got Kevin’s number that night and the rest was history. Kevin surprised Mary Beth with a trip to Baltimore for her graduation and little did she know there was an even bigger surprise. Kevin got on one knee and asked the magical question on the trip. Mary Beth got her dream of having a “princess wedding” complete with a Cinderella-style gown. The wedding had decorations that were simple with rich colors to create an extravagant look.

To read more about their love story and see more photos, pick up a copy of bridebook (on newsstands now) and flip to page 34!

DRESS Jasmine Couture from Proms, Pageants and Pretty Things at The Bride’s House
FLORIST The Flower Shoppe on Main
CAKE Kelly’s Cakes
VENUE Sundara
CATERER Blue Ridge Catering
PLANNER The Perfect Fairytale
DJ Sparks Entertainment
HAIR Les Cheveux

Behind the Scenes of the Hoyt Wedding

Brandi Mills + Robert Hoyt – June 9, 2012

Photography by Tara Lilly Design & Photography

Brandi Mills and Robert Hoyt took their sweet time getting to know each other. In the beginnings the two failed to give each other the time of day, but more then six years later the two finally realized they were meant to be. The romantic setting of the Forth of July Fireworks sparked Robert’s proposal. The couple had an elegant, yet simple wedding. When Brandi saw Robert waiting for her at the alter it made all the nerves flutter away and that’s when she knew the day was more than perfect.

To read more about their love story and see more photos, pick up a copy of bridebook (on newsstands now) and flip to page 32!

DRESS Patina’s Brides & Formals
FLORIST The Crystal Orchid
CAKE Casey’s Cakes
VENUE The Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center
CATERER The Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center
PLANNER Simplicity,  Vicki Itson
DJ Barry Tosh
ATTENDANTS DRESSES Patina’s Brides & Formals

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