Wedding Wednesday: The Morris Wedding

The Morris Wedding

April 30, 2016

Photography by: Sam Stroud Photography

Joanna Frye and Andrew Morris sure enjoyed taking their time. The couple dated off and on in high school, but it wasn’t until they both got to college that their relationship got serious. On that same theme, Andrew’s proposal was drawn out over the course of eleven months. For Valentine’s day, Andrew gifted Joanna with a box of envelopes. The final envelope in the box contained tickets to see the Biltmore House at Christmas. While taking pictures at the overlook of the house, Andrew said “I just really want to marry you!” This was no surprise to Joanna, as Andrew had been saying this for months. This time, though, Andrew got down on one knee.

Joanna and Andrew’s wedding did not have a “theme,” but instead, the couple aimed to invoke a certain feeling in their guests. Their goal was to make them feel welcomed and invited. To do this, the couple utilized soft blushes and ivories, with the occasional pop of navy blue. As the night continued, the pink shades began to darker, and the color scheme was brought full circle with an ombre flower cascade on the staircase at their reception.

The food they served at their wedding was very important to both Joanna and Andrew. The couple worked with their caterer to create food stations that reflected these favorite places, flavors, and foods that the couple was able to experience together during the course of their long distance relationship. And then, of course, there was the wedding cake. With Joanna being a pastry chef, many people expected that she would be making her own cake. However, she wanted to be able to enjoy her day as the bride that she was. She worked closely with the caterer designing the cake, and she was able to really bring her vision alive, without having to stress about assembling the cake herself.

The wedding was made possible by close relationships with not just the guests, but many of the vendors as well. Working closely with these vendors, that they already had close relationships with made the planning process all the more special. That planning paid off, and the couple  were able to celebrate their marriage in a day full of flowers, good food, and great company.

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Dress: Tiffany’s Bridal

Florist: Creative Occasions

Cake: Center Stage Catering

Venue: Taubman Museum of Art

Caterer: Blue Ridge Catering

Planner: Events by Sherri

Jewelry: Jewells Fine Jewelry

Makeup: Charisse Crammer

Hair: Amy Dodson

DJ: RSP Entertainment

Attendant Dresses: Pearl’s Place

Groomsmen Attire: Proms, Pageants, & Pretty Things

Lighting: Lighting Ninja, INC

Rentals: Country Road Vintage Rentals

Transportation: Prestige Limousine Service & Executive Service

Videographer: Solo Koo Wedding Films

Wedding Wednesday: The Ferris Wedding

The Ferris Wedding

May 23, 2015

Photography by: Tara Lilly Photography and Design

Joanna and Matthew met through mutual friends, but it was on a snowboarding trip that they really got to know each other. Their friends were instrumental again during Matthew’s proposal. They kept Joanna distracted all afternoon while he set up in their driveway with a blanket and a single rose. There was a firepit in the backyard, and he left her there while setting up candles, roses, and a bubble bath inside. Joanna didn’t have any idea what was happening until he finally popped the question.

Joanna had originally asked for a first look with Matthew, but he didn’t want to do it, stating he wanted to do it “old school.” In the end, Joanna was glad they didn’t; seeing each for the first time as she walked down the aisle was the most emotionally charged moment of the night, and it became her favorite memory of the day.

Waiting until the ceremony to see each other was one of the only things they did “old school.” For the most part, Joanna and Matthew tried to center the day around their love for each other, so they didn’t focus too much on the décor and the accessories. They did away with the games and a lot of new traditions, putting the emphasis of the day on how they felt in the moment rather than how they looked. According to Joanna, “We got married, and then we celebrated with everyone who made it possible.”

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Dress: AmRhein’s Brides and Formals

Florist: Best Wishes Cake: Buttercream Custom Cakes

Venue: Braeloch

Caterer: Blue Ridge Catering

Planner: Events by Sherri

Jewelry: Bailey’s Fine Jewelry

DJ: RSP Entertainment

Attendant Dresses: J. Crew

Groomsmen Attire: Perry Ellis

Hair: Winning Image Salon and Day Spa

Makeup: Glamour by Gigi

Photo Booth: StarCity Photobooth



Wedding Wednesday: The Hoogland Wedding

Kathleen & Matt Hoogland

July 4, 2015

Photography by Noah Magnifico- Photographer

After being a track athlete all her life, Kathleen was used to being chased. It wasn’t until she was at a party and met Matt, though, that her running days were finally over. The proposal took place at the Smithfield plantation, which was the location where their relationship really developed during a Cross Country meet in 2012. Matt developed an intricate scavenger hunt all around Blacksburg that led Kathleen to various important locations in their relationship. By the end of the hunt, Matt was waiting for Kathleen and proposed to her in a song he had written especially for that moment.

The wedding day was held on July 4th, but instead of going all out in red, white, and, blue, the couple decided to do a color scheme of soft pink, navy blue, ivory, and gold. This way the Fourth of July theme was still present, but not overwhelming. The night ended with a fireworks show put on by Skypainter and it was a beautiful way to have an exit for their big day.

The couple loved planning their wedding day, too. The vendors were fun and made a great connection with the couple as well as their photographer who came up with amazing and unique ideas for their photos. The caterer went above and beyond that night by having a waiter come to the bride and groom to serve them so that the couple didn’t have to leave their guests!

The best part of the the day, however, was the couple’s first dance. It was made extra fun because the couple hadn’t practiced beforehand, so they made it up as they went along. Their song was special to them, and even though it wasn’t well known, it helped to cement their love and pave the way into a beautiful marriage.

Make sure to see more photos from the Hoogland Wedding on page 72 of bridebook!

Dress: Bella Rosa Bridal
Florist: Best Wishes
Cake: The Element Catering at Mikies 7th
Venue: Doe Creek Farm
Caterer: The Element Catering at Mikie’s 7th
Planner: Events by Sherri
Jewelry: Capone’s
DJ: RSP Entertainment
Attendant Dresses: BHLDN
Groomsman Attire: J. Crew
Makeup: Vintage Spotlight- Danielle McCoy Hurt
Fireworks: Skypainter Fireworks, LLC

Wedding Wednesday: The Dingus Wedding

Sarah & Robert Dingus

June 20, 2015

Photography by Noah Magnifico- Photographer

Sarah and Robert met one summer while filming skits for the Vacation Bible School they both worked for. They had both attended the church for five years but somehow had never met each other until then! It was a really Hollywood meeting with them filming a Gilligan’s Island scene and having Robert as the millionaire and Sarah as Mary-Ann. It was smoothing sailing from that moment on and the two quickly fell in love.

Knowing exactly which foods Sarah loved, Robert had a special menu created for her one evening at Hotel Roanoke. After they enjoyed their food, a waiter came with their champagne and dessert. At first, Sarah was upset because she hadn’t ordered this food and didn’t want to be charged for it. Robert quickly settled her down, though, by reaching in his jacket and pulling out a ring. Needless to say, Sarah forgot about the champagne and accepted his proposal with joy.

The wedding was simple and decorated with rustic elements. Sarah made the centerpieces herself and decorated with the colors of wisteria purple, charcoal grey, and spring green. To complement these, Sarah also added hints of sunflower yellow throughout the ceremony. As a special treat, the ceremony was performed by the pastor, Tim Craft, who introduced them from their church. Tim actually went above and beyond his call of duty by finding pictures from that fateful bible school skit and putting them up on screens for all the guests to see. The couple was married in the church where they first met and decided to take soil from each of their houses and pour it into a small tree that they plan to plant when they buy their first house.

After the wedding when everyone had left the church and the two were alone in the car for the first time, they realized that it had finally happened and they could officially be considered one. This moment was enhanced by the feeling of their love being blessed by God. Then, when the two arrived to their reception, they were able to go straight to the top of the stairs and walk down in front of all of their loved ones. The couple felt like rockstars and loved seeing all of their guests smiling up at them.

Make sure to see more of the Dingus Wedding on page 62 of bridebook!

Florist: Kroger
Cake: Casey’s Cakes
Ceremony: Bonsack United Methodist Church
Venue: Taubman Museum of Art
Caterer: Blue Ridge Catering
Planner: Events by Sherri
DJ: Blue Ridge Entertainment
Attendant Dresses: David’s Bridal
Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse
Videographer: Michael’s Video
Hair: Gayle Mahew

Wedding Wednesday: The Hendricks Wedding

 TJ & Laura Hendricks
 June 14, 2014
Photography by Noah Magnifico

 TJ and Laura owe it all to a mutual friend who brought the two together one night in Florida. Laura’s friend invited her down for spring break in March of 2012, and though it wasn’t her initial plan, something told her she needed to go. When she arrived, she met her friend’s roommate TJ. The two spent the whole evening talking, and at the end of the trip TJ drove Laura to the airport and tricked her into giving him her phone number for “safety purposes” of course. The two kept in touch, and a month later TJ flew her out from Texas to see him again. After seven months of a long distance relationship, TJ knew Laura was the one. He proposed to her while she was visiting for Thanksgiving by driving out to the beach in Corpus Christi, Texas. Because Laura spent ten years living in Texas, and TJ finished his part of his flight school training there as well, she knew a rustic themed wedding was a must. She achieved this aesthetic by using wooden trunk pieces in the centerpieces, mason jars and burlap, and the old wooden door used for seating assignments. And of course, the cowboy boots she wore under her dress! The centerpieces helped incorporate romantic elements into the rustic theme as well, consisting of sunflowers, gerbera daisies, and twigs. They were all different heights, and some featured votive candles while others featured tall vases with burlap to create and interesting and unique look. The table numbers were also unique because Laura’s mother handmade them by wrapping burlap around boards and gluing on every pearl to create the numbers. It was also important that military elements be present as well since TJ flies for the U.S. Navy. TJ chose the venues because it was important to him as a Virginia Tech alumnus. The camouflage koozie favors were also Virginia Tech colors and featured the helicopter TJ flies. Laura even incorporated the military theme into her garter, which featured the red “Remove Before Flight” tag and a helicopter charm. A final element to honor TJ’s active duty was the sword arch in which the couple walked through and had to kiss in order to pass through each set of swords. One of the most important memories of the day was the coming together of friends and family from all over the United States and the world.

Be sure to see the Hendricks wedding on page 52 of the third issue of bridebook!

Dress: Que Bella Bridal Boutique
Florist: Best Wishes Flowers & Gifts
Cake: Sandy Huff
Ceremony: Virginia Tech War Memorial Chapel
Venue: Virginia Tech German Club
Caterer: Personal Touch Catering
Planner: Events by Sherri
DJ: RSP Entertainment
Attendants’ Dresses: Morie Lee by Madeline Gardener
Groomsmen’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse
Hair & Makeup: Jennifer Caldwell
Officiant: Reggie Tuck

Wedding Wednesday: The Jones Wedding

Kevin & Kristin Jones
November 2, 2013
Photography by Magnifico Photography

Fate must’ve stepped in for Kevin and Kristin on the night they met. Kristin declined a Halloween party invitation due to an already scheduled blind date, but when the date didn’t show, Kristin decided to have some fun and attend the party. Kevin, dressed in a Chargers football jersey, flexed his muscles to no one in particular; Kristin’s opening line, “I bet I have bigger muscles,” won his attention – and his heart, since they’ve been together ever since! A few days before Christmas, Kristin picked Kevin up at the bus station for his visit. He and her family joined forces to surprise her, with her sister yelling at Kristin to go look at something outside. Kristin stepped out to find her Prince Charming – Kevin, all dressed up in a prince costume, riding a horse like something out of a fairy tale. After Kristin said yes, they rode to a staging area where a limo took them to dinner, a restaurant she’d worked at in high school and where her parents had met. Kristin says her favorite wedding day memory is walking down the aisle and seeing her future husband for the first time, like it was just the two of them in the room. (Moments later, they were trying to figure out their choreographed dance because her dress was so big!) The couple incorporated many ideas into their day that in some ways, told their life story. White pumpkins were seasonal and also reminded them of Kevin’s Cinderella proposal; green was chosen as it was her late father’s favorite color; and her bouquet had a Hawaiian orchid to represent Kevin’s family. Simple decorations and colors of gold, hunter green, and bronze complemented the venue’s gold and off-white colors. Memorial pumpkins represented family members no longer with them while centerpieces were soft gold votives and pictures of the newlyweds at their ages to correspond with the table number. The happy couple spent a honeymoon week at a friend’s beach house in Atlantic City, where they relaxed, ate well, and even won some money.

Be sure to see the Jones wedding on page 108 of the second issue of bridebook, on newsstands now!

Florist: Best Wishes
Cake: Sandy’s Cakes
Venue: The Corinthian Ballroom
Caterer: Chanticleer Catering
Planner: Events by Sherri
Jewelry: Jared
DJ: RSP Entertainment
Attendants’ Dresses: Jordan Fashions
Groomsmen’s Attire: Jos. A. Bank
Caricature Artist: Kyle Edgell

guest post: Why Brides Need a Wedding Planner

Guest Post by Sherri Box of Events by Sherri

Sherri5Why hire a wedding planner? Think it’s a luxury… a cost you can do without or you are just sure you will “lose control” and would prefer to do it all yourself?

The money you spend on hiring a wedding coordinator will be the best investment in your wedding day that you can make AND it will end up saving you money and make the entire planning process more fun because the stress over the small details will be removed!  Sherri3

So consider this. . . . a wedding coordinator actually helps you gain MORE control over your special day because our job is to carry out your wishes down to the last little detail!  We work with you to make sure we understand your  “vision” of your  “perfect day” so we can do everything in our power to make sure that when you see it all come together it’s just as you imagined it would be.  The best feeling in the world is for one of my brides to look at me and tell me “it’s even better than I imagined it” or “it was the best day of my life.”  I have never had a client tell me that they were sorry they hired me but I have had others who chose to do it all themselves tell me that they really wished they had hired a coordinator.

WSherri4e can also save you money by sharing with you the “tricks of the trade” that only experience can provide and by looking at your budget and steering you to vendors that can stay within your price point.  We will find out what’s most important to you and show you ways to spend more on the things that are of utmost importance to you and provide you tips on how to accomplish those things that are further down on your list for less.Sherri1

Many wedding coordinators also have small décor items for your use.  This keeps you from having to purchase all the “small stuff,” sometimes in multiples and then decide what to do with all of it after your wedding weekend is over.  The beauty of that, in addition to cost savings, is that we have it in our inventory, you choose it, we deliver it, we set it up and we break it down.  So that leaves even less for you to worry about AND you’ve saved a little more money.

YSherri2ou probably can do it yourself but why not have someone who is committed to making sure your day is just perfect in every way AND someone who can save you from making costly mistakes along the way, someone who is in your corner and working for you every step of the way!  So now you can actually have more control over your special day, remain budget-conscious throughout the process and have fun planning the most important day of your life to date!

Wedding Wednesday: The Newman Wedding

Craig & Melissa Newman
April 13, 2013
Photography by Kemper Mills Fant Photography

cover finalist button

Melissa, an event designer for Blue Ridge Catering, and Craig, a United Methodist pastor, combined their two worlds to form their dream wedding. Melissa even designed their own logo! Classic colors of hydrangea blue, black, and ivory added to the elegance of the day, while a four tiered cake, Cuban sliders, chicken and waffle cones, and other tasty food impressed their guests. The happy couple also opted to give paw-print shaped cookies that explained a donation had been given to the Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue Association (where Melissa got her dog Beau in 2010).

Be sure to see the Newman wedding on page 32 of the second issue of bridebook, on newsstands now!

Dress: Judd Waddell from Nitsas Apparel
Florist: Creative Occasions
Cake: Maxie B’s
Ceremony: South Roanoke United Methodist Church
Venue: Charter Hall
Caterer:  Blue Ridge Catering
Planner: Events by Sherri
Jewelry: Fink’s
Band: Soul Expressions
Attendants’ Dresses: Alfred Sung from Bella Bridesmaid
Videography: LaVon Films
Rentals: Sterling by Design