Wedding Wednesday: The Coffey Wedding

The Coffey Wedding

April 30, 2016

Photography by: Kimberly Izatt Photography

Laura Pruner’s and Eric Coffey’s first date was a long time in the making. They first met online, exchanging emails and phone calls, before finally meeting for their first date. Eric proposed on a weekend trip to Charleston, South Carolina, during an evening walk on the first night of their trip.

Their mutual faith was a large part of what made their wedding special. Laura says her favorite part of the ceremony was sharing communion with Eric, moments before they finally became man and wife. This is was when the tears finally started to fall, and was a very special moment for the two of them. The couple wants their mutual Christian faith at the center of their marriage, so it was only right for it to be the center of their ceremony as well.

A fun-filled reception followed the ceremony, where the bride and groom shared their first dance to the tune of “Love Of My Life,” and the guests got to enjoy a four tiered butter cake with butter cream frosting. It was a simple, elegant, cream colored cake, standing proud on a silver cake stand, which accented Laura’s gown’s silver beading and her silver sparkly shoes.

With a last name like Coffey, it would have been a shame to miss out on a pun inspired wedding favor. Each guest received a burlap bag of coffee with a label that read, “Enjoy this coffee from the Coffey’s.” The day was centered on elegance, shared faith, and a good pun, making for memories that will last a lifetime.

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Dress: David’s Bridal

Florist: Kroger

Cake: Linda Adams

Venue: Roanoke Country Club

Caterer: Roanoke Country Club

Planner: Charmaine Cress

Jewelry: AmRhein’s Jewelers

DJ: J.C. Castillo

Attendant Dresses: David’s Bridal

Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Makeup: Jolina Goad

Hair: Sarah Wright

Wedding Wednesday: The Dannenberg Wedding

The Dannenberg Wedding

December 19, 2015

Photography by: Crystal George Studios

Stephanie Nance and Richard Dannenberg met through an online community and mutual friends at a dance game tournament. The two maintained a long distance relationship full of fun-packed weekend visits spent together. It was a normal day when Richard popped the question. He often brought his cello on these weekend trips, so when he brought it out to play Stephanie a song, she didn’t think twice about it. What caused a pause was the stage-fright Richard was  suffering from as he played the song, which included the phrase “I propose to you…” After the proposal, which included many ring pops and one beautiful engagement ring, Stephanie was at a loss for words. It took a moment before she finally blurted her affirmation.

This white, red, and black affair was a Christmas themed celebration of love and community. There was mistletoe hanging from chandelier and pine cone accents decorating the venue, there were even two pine cones perched on the cake, wearing a top hat and veil, cake toppers that Stephanie made herself. The whole event was a subtle tribute to the couple’s mutual faith.

Early in their relationship, while visiting friends, they both ordered ice cream for a sweet alternative breakfast, unaware of what the other had chosen. It only seemed fitting that the couple incorporate their mutual love for ice cream, in this already love filled event. The event had an open ice cream bar, which was full of sweet fixings for the perfect sundae.

On top of their mutual love for ice cream, this couple felt their love for music should also be showcased during the reception. Instead of the traditional band or DJ, Stephanie spent hours carefully choosing a playlist that she felt would enhance the couple’s wedding, indulge their musical styles, and also please their friends and family. Stephanie points out that though her mother doesn’t usually like her music, she caught her bopping along.

Their wedding was full of Christmas cheer and love. The two loved that they were able to involve their friends from all around the country, from Seattle to Orlando, and with their relationship being long distance, it was a chance for their two extended-families to really come together.

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Dress: Celebration Bridal

Florist: Gillespie’s Flowers

Cake: The Homestead

Venue: The Homestead

Caterer: The Homestead

Planner: The Homestead

Jewelry: Haywood’s Jewelers and Kranich’s Jewelers

Attendant Dresses: David’s Bridal

Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Warehouse

Wedding Favors: Sugar Tree Country Store


Wedding Wednesday: The Ivey Wedding

The Ivey Wedding

June 6, 2015

Photography by: Kim Brantley Photography

It took awhile for love to blossom between Lauren and Trey. They met when her father hosted a concert at their church, and Trey was the piano player. They became close friends, but it took six years before they started dating.

Trey’s proposal was a video of everyone important in Lauren’s life telling her to “Say Yes!” After the video, two of Lauren’s best friends came in and surprised her. Trey had flown them in to help them celebrate.

Lauren’s favorite moment was when she walked down the aisle. Everywhere she looked, she saw the faces of people she loved the most, and it was amazing to be surrounded by everyone she cared about.

Lauren’s father officiated the wedding, and award-winning singers TaRanda Greene, Wayne Haun, & Jim Brady sung during the ceremony. They were then treated to a fantastic dinner by the Hotel Roanoke staff. A friend of the family designed the gorgeous centerpieces on the table and the décor for the wedding. Most of the reception happened outside in the courtyard, and Lauren and Trey were just happy the rain held off.

They had a large bridal party, consisting of ten bridesmaids, ten groomsmen, three flower girls, and a ring bearer. But being able to include so many close friends and family made the day perfect.

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Dress: David’s Bridal

Florist: Darlene Brown

Cake: Tanya Aldrich

Venue: The Hotel Roanoke

Caterer: The Hotel Roanoke

Planner: Kelli Fink

Jewelry: Jared Galleria of Jewelry

DJ: All Occasions Entertainment

Attendant Dresses: David’s Bridal

Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Videographer: Melissa Lancaster


Wedding Wednesday: The Chitwood Wedding


Kirsten & Blaine Chitwood

August 8, 2015

Photography by: Nicole Colwell Wedding Photography

These two may have met in Biology 101 at Virginia Western Community College, but there was nothing but chemistry between them.

While visiting England for a cousin’s wedding, Kirsten and Blaine decided to go a few days early to sight-see. A must for Kirsten was the London Eye, so they went their very first night in the city. With the sun setting and the lights of London around them, it was a gorgeous view. Blaine, however, couldn’t seem to relax. Kirsten finally asked him what was wrong, and he replied “It’s not every day I ask the woman I love to marry me.” He got down on one knee right then and there and pulled out a ring.

For Kirsten, her favorite part of her wedding was seeing everything come together. She and her family did almost everything themselves, from invitations to centerpieces, and they ironed and folded a hundred and fifty napkins two days before the big day. Her father even built the arbor for the ceremony. It was wonderful for Kirsten to have such a support system to help her dreams come true.

Their immediate family members were in the wedding party, and Blaine’s older brother gave a reading during the ceremony. His other brother played “Angel” by Jack Johnson on guitar while Kirsten walked down the aisle.

Since Blaine was from Franklin County and Kirsten was from Botetourt, when they dated they would meet in the middle, that being Roanoke. It only made sense they would get married in Roanoke, too. They chose the Rooftop in Center in the Square because it had the same “view and feel” as when Blaine proposed.

The theme of their wedding was “Modern Twist” and they chose black, white, and gold as their colors. Blaine wore black and white striped suspenders, and all the groomsmen had striped bow ties. For party favors, they personalized Mill Mountain Coffee and Tea bags.

Make sure to see more from the Chitwood Wedding on page 78 of bridebook!

Dress: Celebration Bridal
Florist: Gloriosa
Cake: Heather Warfe
Venue: Center in the Square
Caterer: Mary’s Party Works
Planner: Kellie Minter
Jewelry: Jared’s
Attendants Dresses: David’s Bridal
Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Wedding Wednesday: The Maupin Wedding

Rebecca & Chris Maupin

June 27, 2015

Photography by Noah Magnifico- Photographer

Chris and Rebecca’s relationship started out with a lot of heat as the two met at a mutual friend’s bonfire party one night. It hadn’t been planned for the two to be set up, but quickly their friend realized that the two were both single and actually quite perfect for each other. Chris was encouraged to talk to Rebecca so he started a conversation by asking about her date that night, Rebecca’s Vizsla puppy, Milo. According to Chris, Rebecca was a bit short with him at first and even though she doesn’t remember that, she knows that she had just come out of a rough relationship and so there is potential that she had been short with him. However, Chris was not easily scared away and tried again to start a conversation. Despite the slow start, Chris’ patience paid off in the end for both of them because they started a wonderful relationship.

True to gentlemanly form, one Saturday morning Chris drove over an hour to Rebecca’s parents house to ask for permission to marry their daughter. They of course gave their blessing and then tried to keep the secret the rest of the day. Later that evening, the couple went to dinner at one of Rebecca’s favorite restaurants and settled in for a night in front of their fire. After watching a movie with both of their dogs cuddled up to them, Chris surprised Rebecca by getting down on one knee and asking her to spend the rest of her life with him. She of course accepted excitedly.

The wedding day was planned to be simple and take place at a winery. The entrance of the ceremony was accented with wine barrels to fit the venue, and the aisles were lined with lanterns that were filled with hydrangeas. For the centerpieces, Rebecca struggled with the decision of whether or not to use typical flower arrangements. However, she didn’t know what she would do with all of those centerpieces after the wedding so instead she decided to use picture frames with her and Chris in them that the guests could take home after the wedding was over. Another unique touch that was added to the wedding was a flaming doughnut hole dessert. Their caterer was Pumpernickel Pickle which is well known for this amazing dessert served over ice cream.

Rebecca’s bridal party was full of the women closest to her and so she wanted to give them very special gifts to show her love. She wanted them to have something they could use not only on the wedding day but in the future as well. The color of the bridesmaids’ dresses was difficult to match, but they would all need jewelry for the big day. So, Rebecca headed down Sparkle Girls Jewelry and picked out jewelry sets that matched not only with the color, but the styles of the bridal party’s dresses.

The couple planned a lot of the wedding elements together and worked hard at creating the idea of a unity pyramid which would display some of the qualities they felt was most important in their marriage. Chris made the pyramid pieces from wood and assembled the pyramid during their unity ceremony. The ceremony started out with a conversation about love and what it takes to make a relationship last which is where the couple was able to show that their love for each other is much more than just a feeling.

Rebecca especially remembers their first dance together because neither of the two actually enjoy dancing. However, during this particular dance, they realized that it was the moment that they could relax because the planning was done, the wedding license was secured, the rain had held off, and it was smooth sailing into their future from that point on.

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Dress: David’s Bridal
Florist: AC Moore
Cake: Pumpernickel Pickle Catering
Venue: Fincastle Vineyard and Winery
Caterer: Pumpernickel Pickle Catering
Jewelry: Fink’s and Sparkle Jewelry
DJ: DJ Truth
Attendant Dresses: David’s Bridal
Groomsman’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse
Hair and Makeup: Zee’s Salon and Day Spa

Wedding Wednesday: The Looney Wedding

Brittany & Adam Looney

June 6, 2015

Photography by Noah Magnifico- Photographer

It was lucky for Adam and Brittany that the two had a matchmaking friend to set them up. After a blind date at a group function, the pair hit it off immediately and fell in love soon after. It was during a night in september when the couple went together to dinner with their friends, and as they were walking across the lawn to their home, Adam got down on one knee and proposed. Brittany admits, though, that she was so exhausted and surprised, she almost didn’t let him finish his speech. But, she was thrilled to accept the love of her life.

Since Brittany is such a bargain hunter, the wedding was done on a miraculous budget. In order to save money of the cake, they used a small display cake and served their guests large sheet cakes. Then, all of the sheets and decorations that weren’t kept after the wedding were resold! The color for the decorations was tiffany blue and offset against bouquets of sunflowers and served food from Three Little Pigs BBQ, which their guests loved.

The wedding day was full of many memorable moments, but one that stands out to Brittany is walking down the aisle toward Adam. As her dad guided her to him, she looked at his smiling face and couldn’t contain how excited she was to start her future with him. When she finally got to the altar, Adam leaned into her and told her how beautiful she looked. It was such an intimate moment for the couple and they were overjoyed to share it with all of their loved ones. The day continued without a hitch and the two were able to be sent off with well wishes from their guests.

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Dress: Church Street Bridal
Florist: Kroger
Cake: Kelly Cakes
Venue: On the Glenn
Caterer: Three Little Pigs BBQ
Jewelry: Zales
DJ: All Occasion Entertainment
Attendant Dresses: David’s Bridal
Groomsman Attire: Men’s Wearhouse
Videographer: Michael’s Video
Hair & Makeup: Shear Maddness- Samantha Maxey

Wedding Wednesday: The Vick Wedding

Kim & Duncan Vick

June 13, 2015

Photography by Pat Cori Photography

The story of how Duncan and Kim first met is a heated topic for the couple because they both have different ideas of how it happened. While Duncan says they met at a bar while out with mutual friends in Roanoke, Kim remembers differently. Kim remembers meeting during a particularly magical christmas party thrown by their mutual friends. Duncan came to the party and the two casually chatted as the evening went on. Later that night, the two went out and walked around town and returned to the party to watch a movie with their friends. Kim remembers duncan holding her hand throughout the entire movie and says that he even tucked her into bed after!

Whichever story is right, though, doesn’t matter because the ending was a first date that led to the love of their lives. One morning, Duncan told Kim that he wanted to take her and her dog on a hike. This was a trail that the had hiked together many times, but it was different on that morning. Before the two got to the overlook at the end of the trail, Duncan got down on one knee and asked Kim to spend the rest of her life with him. She, of course, excitedly accepted.

The wedding was decorated to look southern and chic, with navy and pink colors that looked beautiful against the outdoor terrace in the Blue Ridge Mountains. The guests of the wedding could tell how hard Kim had worked on planning the wedding just by the sashes on the chairs or the decor at the reception. Kim put her own style into the event and made sure everything was perfect from the flower-filled lanterns on the asiles to the gold picture frames displayed throughout the night. There were monograms of Kim and Duncan on many of the decorations, including the wedding favors which were coozies.

Kim’s favorite memory of the wedding, though, was the moment she started her walk and saw Duncan’s face. He couldn’t stop smiling at her from the other end of the aisle and the moment was so special and intimate that the couple will never forget it.

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Dress: David’s Bridal
Florist: Kroger
Cake: Linda Bratton
Venue: Roanoke Country Club
Caterer: Roanoke Country Club
Planner: Jana Mosby Smith
Jewelry: Kay Jewelers
DJ: Steven Davies
Attendant Dresses: Dessy from the Newfangled Bride
Groomsman Attire: Jos. A. Bank
Videographer: Star City Creations
Makeup & Hair: Les Cheveux Salon and Day Spa – Samantha Shivers
Seamstress: Mary Lou Prillaman

Wedding Wednesday: The Washington Wedding

Lakesia & Jordan Washington

June 6, 2015

Photography by Ananda Rochita Photography

Lakesia and Jordan first met through a friend and there was immediate banter between the two after he told her that she had a “smart mouth.” It seems like that was just what he liked in a woman, though, because the couple then went and danced for hours at a club and sparked a romance that neither could predict would turn into the love of their lives.

Jordan surprised Lakesia at work one day when he had her boss call her into the back room. As she walked back to meet him, her friends positioned Jordan so that he was ready to propose to her with all her coworkers standing around him. Lakesia excitedly accepted, knowing that she was ready to spend the rest of her life with the man she loved.

The wedding didn’t have a specific theme but Lakesia knew that she wanted it to resemble spring elements. The decorations and dresses used a lot of bright colors in order to put everyone in the mindset of the ocean and sandy beaches. Lakesia let her wedding planner have a bit of fun with the wedding pieces and was pleasantly surprised to see the masterpieces that were created out of her chosen flowers.  The bouquets each had a diamond at the center in order to make them stand out and they sparkled during the ceremony. The cake was made by Confection Connection and was vanilla almond with buttercream icing. It was the showstopper of the night, right after the stunning bride.

Lakesia loved having her grandmother in attendance, and the fact that she was able to look at her mother’s proud expression the whole time while her sons walked her down the aisle. Having her sons next to her while she walked to the love of her life was an amazing moment for the bride and she knows how special it was to all of her family who were there.

The wedding planner truly worked hard to make sure the day was exactly perfect for the couple. There wasn’t a moment where she was fazed, says Lakesia, and the big day was the bride’s vision come to life.

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Dress: David’s Bridal
Florist: Stritesky’s Flowers
Cake: Confection Connection
Ceremony: Garden of Prayer #7
Venue: Salem Civic Center
Planner: Gloria Day and Debbie Brown
Jewelry: Zale’s
DJ: DJ Ten Grand Wade
Attendants’ Dresses: David’s Bridal and Patina Brides and Formals
Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse
Makeup: Ebony Taylor
Hair: Vonette Epps
Videographer: Zimba Video


Wedding Wednesday: The Benson Wedding

Genevieve & Tyler Benson

May 9, 2015

Photography by Megan Vaughan Photography

Tyler had the luck of the Irish with him when Genevieve pinched his butt at a bar on St. Patrick’s day! Later on in the relationship, Tyler realized he had met the woman he wanted to spend his life with and proposed to her in a pick-up truck on the lake where they had had their first date. His luck continued and Genevieve excitedly accepted his proposal.

Each had different favorite memories from their wedding day. Tyler’s was the moment her got to see his stunning bride walk down the aisle toward him. Seeing her will be something he never will forget because he was so moved be watching the love of his life beam at him from down the aisle. Genevive, however, loved when she and Tyler were able to stand on the top of the stairs after the wedding. This gave them an amazing look of all their friends and family who had gathered to celebrate their love, as well as a wonderful view of the mountains. Being able to take this all in with her new husband is something that Genevieve will always cherish.

Genevieve also recalls from that day getting more and more excited as she heard the clamber of feet get quieter as the bridal procession moved down the aisle. Soon, she knew it would be her turn to walk to her future husband and she couldn’t wait. Genevieve admits to being nervous, though, as she waited in the guest room. The reality of the moment set in as she and her dad sat on a hand-stitched quilt and Genevieve looked down at the ruffles on her dress. Too afraid of crying, she kept quiet about her nerves.

But then, as Genevieve looked at her father, the two shared a moment of realization: he was about to give away his little girl, and she was about to become a wife. The two held hands for a moment and gave each other a cheery smile because they knew it was time. As they got into position, the absolute beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains struck Genevieve and she waited a moment so she could take in the absolute magnificence of Sierra Vista. Then, she looked over at all of her loved one, from her sisters in their dresses and the men in their handsome suits, until she laid eyes on Tyler. He was grinning from ear to ear and couldn’t stop the tearing that streamed down his face in joy. Genevieve saw her dad’s eyes fixed on the horizon and the two started their walk. The procession was accompanied by a ukulele version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” which was a beautiful accompaniment to the backdrop of the mountains. Despite shaking the whole way, she made it to Tyler with a little bit of luck and love.

Though their vows were traditional, the couple made sure to honor the beautiful nature that surrounded them on this special day. The two thanked God for the gift of love and vowed to be dedicated to each other unendingly. As they took their vows, they squeezed each other’s hands tightly and Genevieve could feel Tyler studying her face and trying to memorize each second of that moment between them. Genevieve admits to being so nervous that she messed up her lines slightly, but it helped to comfort her butterflies because the crowd laughed and put her at ease. Eventually, they were saying “I Do” to each other and recessing from the ceremony as guests threw flower petals over them. To symbolize their marriage, Genevieve and Tyler ran down and ran the old bell at the end of the aisle.

Though the ceremony was over faster than they expected, the two can still remember every detail of their wedding day. From the father/daughter dance, to their first dance where the two whispered in each other’s ear, the day was sheer perfection.

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Dress: Patina Bridal & Formal
Florist: The Arrangement Company
Cake: Mean Cakes
Venue: Sierra Vista
Caterer: The Palisades Restaurant
Planner: A Little Party Events
Jewelry: Steven Singer Jeweler
DJ: Official Entertainment
Attendants’ Dresses: David’s Bridal
Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse
Videographer: Mitch Vaughan Productions
Makeup: Ashley Ancheta
Hair: Jessica Comisky


Wedding Wednesday: The Wright-Hoza Wedding

Debora Wright & Roy Hoza

April 4, 2015

Photography by Kimberley Izatt Photography

Christmastime is always known as the season for magic—and love. Debora and Roy went on their first date to watch the Christmas boat parade in Richmond. They stood on a balcony that overlooked the glowing James River while sipping on champagne and inching closer together in the cold. With an evening like that, it wasn’t a surprise that the two fell in love! Later on Roy prepared a proposal full of comfort and love. On one romantic evening spent at home, he kneeled down and asked Deborah to be his wife. Of course, she was more than ecstatic to accept.

However, the engagement wasn’t without hardship as Debora was diagnosed with breast cancer for the second time. It is during this period that the couple can think of some of their most fond memories. Roy was Debora’s faithful and loving caregiver throughout her illness, and supported her all the way to her victory. It was this time in their relationship that the two became closer than ever and they realized that the strength and love between them could conquer all. During their vows, the phrase “In sickness and health” really held meaning for them because they knew it would sustain them through any trials that should come their way.

The wedding day was full of love and merriment as Roy and Debora brought their two families together from their previous marriages. Because of this, the theme of the day was symbolized with a circle. It was important to both of them that each member of their family participated in the ceremony. The event was small, with only 30 guests which the couple had seated in a circle around them. This was in order to represent the circle of love that was created by their relatives and close friends in attendance. Within the large circle of guests, there was a smaller circle of the wedding party including the bride and groom.

The wedding rings were kept in a mirrored box that was passed around the circle in order to be blessed by each guest, during which the harpist played “I Do, I Do it For you,” by Bryan Adams. This provided the intimate setting that the bride and groom desired in order to make their wedding unique.

The ceremony and reception took place in the Green Drawing Room, which is the main building of Hollins University. They chose this location because the bride and her mother are both alumni of the university. During her college years, Debora had lived in this building and spent a lot of time in the drawing room, so it help a lot of significance to be married to Roy there.

As a symbol of Debora’s victory over her breast cancer, the couple had pink roses decorating the wedding. The flower has always been significant in their relationship as it grew and Debora made sure to have them mixed into her spring bouquet. At the end of the ceremony, the bride and groom were sent off in a cascade of bubbles blown by their guests. The bubbles were their wedding favors and they came with a note that said “Blow bubbles of good wishes for the new Mr. and Mrs.”

Be sure to see the Wright-Hoza wedding on page 40 of the fourth issue of bridebook!

Mea culpa: In our extensive venue guide chart, we listed Hollins as having a smaller space than intended. Under Venue Capacity, Hollins will accept anywhere from 20-600 guests – plenty of room for all your favorite friends and family on your big day!

Dress: David’s Bridal
Florist: Green Designs, LLC
Cake: Confection Connection
Venue: Green Drawing Room, Hollins University
Caterer: Meriwether Godsey at Hollins University
Jewelry: International Gem & Jewelry Show
Harpist: Whitney Cairns
Attendants Dresses: David’s Bridal
Groomsman’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse
Hair: TJ Oldfield

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