Wedding Wednesday: The Morris Wedding

The Morris Wedding

April 30, 2016

Photography by: Sam Stroud Photography

Joanna Frye and Andrew Morris sure enjoyed taking their time. The couple dated off and on in high school, but it wasn’t until they both got to college that their relationship got serious. On that same theme, Andrew’s proposal was drawn out over the course of eleven months. For Valentine’s day, Andrew gifted Joanna with a box of envelopes. The final envelope in the box contained tickets to see the Biltmore House at Christmas. While taking pictures at the overlook of the house, Andrew said “I just really want to marry you!” This was no surprise to Joanna, as Andrew had been saying this for months. This time, though, Andrew got down on one knee.

Joanna and Andrew’s wedding did not have a “theme,” but instead, the couple aimed to invoke a certain feeling in their guests. Their goal was to make them feel welcomed and invited. To do this, the couple utilized soft blushes and ivories, with the occasional pop of navy blue. As the night continued, the pink shades began to darker, and the color scheme was brought full circle with an ombre flower cascade on the staircase at their reception.

The food they served at their wedding was very important to both Joanna and Andrew. The couple worked with their caterer to create food stations that reflected these favorite places, flavors, and foods that the couple was able to experience together during the course of their long distance relationship. And then, of course, there was the wedding cake. With Joanna being a pastry chef, many people expected that she would be making her own cake. However, she wanted to be able to enjoy her day as the bride that she was. She worked closely with the caterer designing the cake, and she was able to really bring her vision alive, without having to stress about assembling the cake herself.

The wedding was made possible by close relationships with not just the guests, but many of the vendors as well. Working closely with these vendors, that they already had close relationships with made the planning process all the more special. That planning paid off, and the couple  were able to celebrate their marriage in a day full of flowers, good food, and great company.

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Dress: Tiffany’s Bridal

Florist: Creative Occasions

Cake: Center Stage Catering

Venue: Taubman Museum of Art

Caterer: Blue Ridge Catering

Planner: Events by Sherri

Jewelry: Jewells Fine Jewelry

Makeup: Charisse Crammer

Hair: Amy Dodson

DJ: RSP Entertainment

Attendant Dresses: Pearl’s Place

Groomsmen Attire: Proms, Pageants, & Pretty Things

Lighting: Lighting Ninja, INC

Rentals: Country Road Vintage Rentals

Transportation: Prestige Limousine Service & Executive Service

Videographer: Solo Koo Wedding Films

Wedding Wednesday: The Ferris Wedding

The Ferris Wedding

May 23, 2015

Photography by: Tara Lilly Photography and Design

Joanna and Matthew met through mutual friends, but it was on a snowboarding trip that they really got to know each other. Their friends were instrumental again during Matthew’s proposal. They kept Joanna distracted all afternoon while he set up in their driveway with a blanket and a single rose. There was a firepit in the backyard, and he left her there while setting up candles, roses, and a bubble bath inside. Joanna didn’t have any idea what was happening until he finally popped the question.

Joanna had originally asked for a first look with Matthew, but he didn’t want to do it, stating he wanted to do it “old school.” In the end, Joanna was glad they didn’t; seeing each for the first time as she walked down the aisle was the most emotionally charged moment of the night, and it became her favorite memory of the day.

Waiting until the ceremony to see each other was one of the only things they did “old school.” For the most part, Joanna and Matthew tried to center the day around their love for each other, so they didn’t focus too much on the décor and the accessories. They did away with the games and a lot of new traditions, putting the emphasis of the day on how they felt in the moment rather than how they looked. According to Joanna, “We got married, and then we celebrated with everyone who made it possible.”

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Dress: AmRhein’s Brides and Formals

Florist: Best Wishes Cake: Buttercream Custom Cakes

Venue: Braeloch

Caterer: Blue Ridge Catering

Planner: Events by Sherri

Jewelry: Bailey’s Fine Jewelry

DJ: RSP Entertainment

Attendant Dresses: J. Crew

Groomsmen Attire: Perry Ellis

Hair: Winning Image Salon and Day Spa

Makeup: Glamour by Gigi

Photo Booth: StarCity Photobooth



Wedding Wednesday: The Boylan Wedding

The Boylan Wedding

October 17, 2015

Photography by: Kemper Mills Fant Photography

Mary and Chris met through the powers of their matchmaking friends. When Chris proposed, he went into her apartment while she was at work and decorated it with rose petals. Mary had had no idea what he’d been up to, so to say she was shocked when she arrived home was an understatement. That didn’t stop her from enthusiastically saying “Yes!” though.

Mary’s favorite part of the wedding was seeing all their loved ones in the same place at the same time and getting to celebrate the day with them.

Instead of a wedding cake, Mary and Chris decided to serve a wedding pie and an assortment of mini desserts.

The theme for their wedding was an enchanted forest. They set the ceremony up under a large tree, using metallic gold and silver decorations with moss and wooden touches. Their flowers were lush green, with orange and purple accents. Around the bar they used logs, stumps, lanterns and candles to create an enchanting atmosphere. Another big hit were the gold animal place card holders and the drink stirrers.

Their favorite decoration though was the surprise chandelier from Mary’s mother and godmother. They had covered it in moss and wrapped it in grapevines, and they hung it from the tree the couple got married under.

Be sure to see more from the Boylan Wedding on page 96 of bridebook!

Dress: Bella Rosa Bridal

Florist: Creative Occasions

Cake: Blue Ridge Catering

Venue: Sundara

Caterer: Blue Ridge Catering

Planner: Jill Coury

Jewelry: Jewells Fine Jewelry

DJ: Blue Ridge Entertainment

Band: The Blue Moonshine Band

Attendant Dresses: Alfred Angelo

Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Hair: Zee’s Salon and Day Spa

Makeup: Ashlee Castner


Wedding Wednesday: The Dingus Wedding

Sarah & Robert Dingus

June 20, 2015

Photography by Noah Magnifico- Photographer

Sarah and Robert met one summer while filming skits for the Vacation Bible School they both worked for. They had both attended the church for five years but somehow had never met each other until then! It was a really Hollywood meeting with them filming a Gilligan’s Island scene and having Robert as the millionaire and Sarah as Mary-Ann. It was smoothing sailing from that moment on and the two quickly fell in love.

Knowing exactly which foods Sarah loved, Robert had a special menu created for her one evening at Hotel Roanoke. After they enjoyed their food, a waiter came with their champagne and dessert. At first, Sarah was upset because she hadn’t ordered this food and didn’t want to be charged for it. Robert quickly settled her down, though, by reaching in his jacket and pulling out a ring. Needless to say, Sarah forgot about the champagne and accepted his proposal with joy.

The wedding was simple and decorated with rustic elements. Sarah made the centerpieces herself and decorated with the colors of wisteria purple, charcoal grey, and spring green. To complement these, Sarah also added hints of sunflower yellow throughout the ceremony. As a special treat, the ceremony was performed by the pastor, Tim Craft, who introduced them from their church. Tim actually went above and beyond his call of duty by finding pictures from that fateful bible school skit and putting them up on screens for all the guests to see. The couple was married in the church where they first met and decided to take soil from each of their houses and pour it into a small tree that they plan to plant when they buy their first house.

After the wedding when everyone had left the church and the two were alone in the car for the first time, they realized that it had finally happened and they could officially be considered one. This moment was enhanced by the feeling of their love being blessed by God. Then, when the two arrived to their reception, they were able to go straight to the top of the stairs and walk down in front of all of their loved ones. The couple felt like rockstars and loved seeing all of their guests smiling up at them.

Make sure to see more of the Dingus Wedding on page 62 of bridebook!

Florist: Kroger
Cake: Casey’s Cakes
Ceremony: Bonsack United Methodist Church
Venue: Taubman Museum of Art
Caterer: Blue Ridge Catering
Planner: Events by Sherri
DJ: Blue Ridge Entertainment
Attendant Dresses: David’s Bridal
Groomsmen Attire: Men’s Wearhouse
Videographer: Michael’s Video
Hair: Gayle Mahew

Wedding Wednesday: The Arellano Wedding

Marisol & Sergio Arellano

May 21, 2015

Photography by Alison Creasy Photography

Almost like something from a movie, Sergio and Marisol first met while vacationing in Mexico with their families. However, the couple didn’t start their love story until a few years later because of the distance between the two. It wasn’t until they reconnected on social media that the couple really became close. Sergio and Marisol were the definition of a long-distance relationship because the two lived eleven hours apart from each other. Gentlemanly, as always, though, Sergio would often make the trek down to Florida to see Marisol and the two worked hard to make their relationship flourish despite the distance. Throughout nine years of dating, the couple always made time to see each other and every time they actually were able to be together, the two continually fell deeper and deeper in love with each other.

To celebrate their 8th year anniversary, the couple traveled to Atlantic City together where their suite was built with floor-to-ceiling windows so they could look out at a fantastic view. Sergio surprised Marisol that morning with breakfast in bed and a special mug that read, “Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favorite.” The mug was filled with orange juice that, as Marisol drank it, eventually revealed a note on the mugs bottom which said, “Will you marry me?” Sergio was already on one knee when Marisol looked up and she cried while, of course, accepting excitedly.

The wedding was designed to be classic and traditional. The couple read their vows both in English and in Spanish in order to honor both their heritages as well as make sure all of the guests could understand the important declarations the couple was making.Originally, the wedding was supposed to be outdoors and overlooking the city of Roanoke, but rain prevented that from happening. Valhalla was their rain location and it was still just as beautiful as the two could have hoped for. The matron of honor made the wedding favors for the children by creating coloring books that had pictures of the couple and their dogs. Then, at the end of the ceremony, the couple exited beautifully with sparklers and drove away in an antique Rolls Royce.

Marisol remembers most from the ceremony when she finally had a moment to stop and take the event in. She looked around at her family and friends surrounding her and felt amazing to have such a beautiful ceremony with the ones she loves.

Be sure to take a look at the rest of the Arellano Wedding on page 50 of bridebook!

Dress: Celebration Bridal
Florist: Caroline LaRocca Event Design
Cake: Confection Connection
Venue: Valhalla Vineyards
Caterer: Blue Ride Catering
Planner: Rob Ferguson
Jewelry: Kay Jewelers
DJ: Levi Akers
Attendants’ Dresses: Celebration Bridal
Groomsmen Attire: Jos. A. Bank
Hair and Makeup: Azario Salon & Day Spa
Shoes: Christian Louboutin


Wedding Wednesday: The O’Connor Wedding

 Tom & Ali O’Connor
July 19, 2014
Photography by Chelsa Yoder Photography

When Ali’s coworker invited Tom to a work function in hopes of making a business deal, it didn’t turn out quite as expected. The business deal fell through, but Tom fell for Ali. They reconnected a few weeks later in Daytona Beach, Florida where they were both working an event for NASCAR. When it came time for the proposal, Tom was filled with nerves. He didn’t sleep the night before, and when Ali came home from work she noticed that dinner was ready and a table was set with a Tiffany’s box in the middle. Tom immediately dropped to one knee and proposed in the middle of their living room. Tom didn’t stop there! He presented Ali with crystal champagne glasses and insisted on taking them to tailgate before a Phil Philips concert even though Ali argued it wasn’t a good idea. Little did she know a limousine was waiting outside to take them to and from the concert that evening. Ali knew exactly what she wanted and chose a light peach, blush, cream, gold, and green color scheme for their summer wedding. Centerpieces featured vintage hydrangeas from a family friend’s garden. Ali had the help of her family members in crafting the bar menu, seating chart, arbor, guest book, and ring box in order to make her dream come alive. She was also set on the cake being red velvet flavored and having some texture and touches of color. It was important to the couple that guests sample all their favorite foods, so they included a charcuterie board, Southern classics station, bistro tender short plate, and a dessert station. A favorite memory of the evening was the presence of Tom and Ali’s closest friends and family members. Ali was able to spend a special moment together with her aunt and mother putting together last minute details for the wedding. Tom loved seeing Ali for the first time and the look on her face. They wanted to make sure everyone felt included in their wedding, so they had two maids of honor, six bridesmaids, one best man, and seven groomsmen. Ali’s father also incorporated a fun family memory by bringing his 1976 Volkswagen Beetle to the venue.

Be sure to see the O’Connor wedding on page 72 of the third issue of bridebook!

Dress: Roses by Reem Acra from Nordstrom
Florist: Gloriosa
Cake: Evie’s Wedding Cakes
Venue: Sundara
Caterer: Blue Ridge Catering
Planner: Amy McArthur
Jewelry: Fink’s, Diamonds Direct, and Tiffany & Co.
Entertainment/DJ: The Roanoke Symphony and RSP Entertainment
Attendants’ Dresses: J. Crew
Groomsmen’s Attire: Jos. A. Bank
Hair & Makeup: Les Cheveux Salon & Day Spa

Wedding Wednesday: The Vaughan Wedding

Garrett & Caitlin Vaughan
June 28, 2014
Photography by Tara Lilly Photography & Design

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 After meeting during their final semester at Virginia Tech, Garrett took Caitlin to dinner one snowy night and then to the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C for the first time where he proposed. The couple’s wedding had a personal touch by having Garrett’s father officiate the ceremony just as he was married by Garrett’s grandfather. A mandolinist played the Appalachian Waltz for the ceremony processional. The black, white, and cream-schemed wedding was carried out through bridesmaid dresses, décor, and even the wedding cake, which featured two coconut layers and two chocolate raspberry layers all covered in buttercream frosting. Food stations kept guests full, with a mashed potato bar, sweet potato ham biscuits, prime rib and more. Caitlin knew she wanted her flowers to be all white, so she chose a mix of hydrangeas, roses, baby’s breath, and peonies. Her favorite moment of the day was when Garrett surprised her with their first dance song “She’s My Kind of Rain” by Tim McGraw, which happens to be her favorite song. She says it was a very sweet gesture that made her tear up.

Be sure to see the Vaughan wedding on page 64 of the third issue of bridebook!

Dress: Le Star Bridal
Florist: The Crystal Orchid
Cake: Casey’s Cakes
Venue: Valhalla Vineyard
Caterer: Blue Ridge Catering
Planner: Paige Kaufman
Jewelry: Jared and Fink’s
DJ: RSP Entertainment
Attendants’ Dresses:
Groomsmen’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse
Hair: Laurel Hill Salon- Kelsey Rooney

Wedding Wednesday: The Gelderblom Wedding

Dirk & Kelly Gelderblom
 May 31, 2014
Photography by Kemper Mills Fant Photography

 These two world travelers were brought together by a mutual friend in Roanoke where they hit it off immediately. Kelly says they ignored everyone else in the room that first night and have been smitten with each other ever since. One day while Kelly planned to give a presentation on rocks to her preschool class, Dirk had a very different plan in mind. Kelly asked him to bring some rocks he borrowed to show the children, but he brought a very special rock with him that day and had the proposal videotaped with the help of her colleagues. Fitting with their love of traveling, the couple’s wedding guests were from all around the world. Dirk’s family is Dutch, so it was important to them to incorporate Dutch food and honor old traditions. They incorporated a banner passed down in Dirk’s family as a decoration in the ceremony. The groomsmen also participated in honoring Dirk’s heritage by wearing matching socks and suspenders in the Dutch national color “oranje” and cutting off the toes of his socks as part of a tradition to ensure that he would never run off with another woman. A special décor element incorporated part of Kelly’s childhood as well. The bar featured vases of live salamanders and a brick salamander because she grew up catching them in a pond behind her house. Other notable elements were the flowers, music, food, and cigar bar.

Be sure to see the Gelderblom wedding on page 44 of the third issue of bridebook!

Dress: Claire Pettibone
Florist: Creative Occasions
Cake: Evie’s Wedding Cakes
Venue: Sundara
Caterer: Blue Ridge Catering
Planner: Amy McArthur- Sundara
DJ: RSP Entertainment
Attendants’ Dresses: J. Crew
Linens: BBJ Linen
Officiant: Andres Garcia
Ceremony & Cocktail Music: The Green Boys
Transportation: Mountain Valley Transportation
Makeup: Ashlee Castner
Hair: Zee’s Salon & Day Spa


Wedding Wednesday: The Winge Wedding

Justin & Ashley Winge
September 28, 2013
Photography by Tara Lilly Photography & Design

Justin and Ashley met through mutual friends (who coincidentally were married the weekend after the Winges!). One night when she came home, she found Justin on one knee with “Marry Me” spelled out in rose petals. Ashley says her favorite memory was walking down the aisle. Being surrounded by friends and family and sharing their special day made her emotional. Ashley wanted a vintage elegance theme for her day, with the classic touches such as church ceremony, black tuxedos, and beautiful ball gown. Muted colors of pinks, purple, greens, blues, and yellows complemented their decor, including centerpieces in tall glass goblets on round mirrors. Ribbon and crystal embellished votives lined the mirror, while the flowers included dahlias, hydrangeas, garden roses, anemones, and more. Ashley’s champagne organza ball gown had a sweetheart neckline with embroidered lace, with the waistline accented with a Swarovski brooch. She later changed into a short white dress for the reception. Guests chose their favorites pieces from the extensive candy bar and also took home little succulents at their place settings. They also signed a guest tree, rather than book, with a custom oak tree drawing with the couple’s name and wedding date; guests could sign a leaf on the tree and it now hangs on display at their home! The couple went to Cancun for their honeymoon, staying in Live Aqua for its spa-like atmosphere where they could relax and enjoy each other’s company as man and wife.

Be sure to see the Winge wedding on page 92 of the second issue of bridebook, on newsstands now!

Dress: Allure from Bride’s House
Florist: The Flower Pot
Cake: Evie’s Wildflour Wedding Cakes
Ceremony: St. Mark’s Lutheran Church
Venue: The Patrick Henry Ballroom
Caterer: Blue Ridge Catering
Planner: Karen Casteele
DJ: Castillo DJ Services
Attendants’ Dresses: Dessy
Groomsmen’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse

Wedding Wednesday: The Eckhardt Wedding

Todd & Grace Eckhardt
July 27, 2013
Photography by Schaffer Photography

Grace and Todd spent a few months eyeing each other across the room at Sunday School before finally talking at bible study. About a year later, Todd proposed as they were exchanging Christmas gifts. Grace says her favorite moment of the wedding was the ceremony, where they stood before God, friends, and family to vow to love each other for the rest of their lives. There were several unique aspects to their day: Grace’s wedding dress was her mother’s, redesigned on the top while the rest “fit like a glove”; Grace walked down the aisle to a song her father wrote for her mom for their wedding in 1983; cake toppers were Grace’s childhood toys; Grace lined her veil with flowers from her mother’s veil; and Todd gave Grace a necklace to wear made with diamonds from his grandmother’s ring. A color scheme of celestial blue, white, black, and hitns of green, plus gold and silver added to the timeless, whimsical theme Grace wanted for her wedding day. Centerpieces were small floral arrangements with fun facts about the couple and their relationship; Grace created the guestbook, a Virginia dogwood tree on canvas where guests could sign the leaves. Guests received favors of personalized “Forget Me Not” seed packets. Grace and Todd traveled to St. Lucia for their honeymoon where they enjoyed activities such as snorkeling, biking through the jungle, touring an active volcano, and couples massage.

Be sure to see the Eckhardt wedding on page 70 of the second issue of bridebook, on newsstands now!

Florist: Best Wishes
Cake: Cakes by Lisa
Ceremony: St. John’s Episcopal Church
Venue: Charter Hall
Caterer: Blue Ridge Catering
Planner: Simplicity
Jewelry: Leigh Jay Nacht Inc.
DJ: East Coast Entertainment
Attendants’ Dresses: Houston Bridal Gallery
Groomsmen’s Attire: Men’s Wearhouse
Photobooth: Star City Photobooth
Videographer: East West Productions
Transportation: Star Line Trolley


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