From Veils to Flowers- What Are Brides Wearing in Their Hair These Days?

Guest post by Julie Gonsalves, bridebook intern

Straying away from tradition seems to be one of the biggest trends in the wedding world. Nowadays we see brides walking down the aisle in shorter, simpler dresses, couples being married outside of churches in places with more sentiment to their lives, bridesmaids in varying dresses, and in recent years, we’ve seen brides saying their “I do’s” with fresh flowers, spunky feathers, birdcage veils, or glittery barrettes (just to name a few) placed upon their heads. Needless to say in recent times our brides seem to be drifting away from that traditional long veil.

Liz (a bridebook editor) went with the flower and feather hairpiece (from Target!) for her wedding day.

Liz (a bridebook editor) went with the flower and feather hairpiece (from Target!) for her wedding day.

If you feel like being one of those brides to cross tradition then why not find the wedding day hairpiece that fits you best? Crown your head with fresh flowers on your wedding day if you are going for a simple, yet natural toned wedding outdoors. Pin a birdcage veil in your hair if you’re going for a modern day vintage classical look with a dash of old Hollywood glamour. Place a feather on the side of your head for a chic and trendy look for a festive modern day wedding. Have a glittery barrette in a down-do swipe your hair to the side and out of your face for an extravagant and eloquent wedding in the ballroom of your dreams.

These beautiful looks can spice up your wedding day and set the tone you’d like to set for your day. From classy, flirty, and extravagant to simple, natural, and eloquent you want to be sure what’s in your hair fits you wonderfully and your day perfectly.

Remember that breaking tradition is not a bad thing. Do what fits your dream wedding and remember that twenty years from your wedding day you want to look back knowing you made a statement for yourself as a bride. You don’t want to look back and say, ‘What was I thinking?’

Catch a glimpse of these new fads in our current issue of bridebook where some of our brides take a step out of tradition with their hair and make it work beautifully.

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