Clueless Maid of Honor Reporting for Duty

Thoughts from a clueless Maid of Honor as she helps her sister plan her wedding.

She said yes!

He finally proposed!!!

Hearing that your sister’s boyfriend finally proposed is some of the best news you can get all day. And having her ask you to be the Maid of Honor and the only bridesmaid at all just puts a special feeling in your gut. I was glowing with happiness for a solid hour after I heard. Seriously, I could not stop smiling.

And then I realized the Maid of Honor actually has to, like, do stuff. What kind of stuff you ask? That is a great question, one that I do not know the answer to. Yeah, that happy glow faded pretty fast as I rushed online to see what my sister expected me to do.

Most of it seems pretty easy- plan the bridal shower, go dress shopping, keep track of the registry, be the bride’s right hand gal. Simple enough, right?

Maybe if you’re in the same state. Or even just a couple hours away. But no, because wedding planning on its own isn’t challenging enough, we are planning this wedding from three different states, none of which are next to each other. Yep, my sister lives in Illinois, I live in Virginia, and her fiancée as well as where the wedding will take place is in New Jersey.

So all those seemingly simple Maid of Honor duties just got ten times more complicated, because they will have to be done remotely. And I still don’t have a clue what I’m doing in the first place. (My sister may have more faith in me than I deserve.)

Thankfully, we have a wonderful mother who does have a clue, and is more or less the actual wedding planner. It helps that she’s in Jersey too, so she can actually go stake out places and vendors. Let’s hear it for Wonder-Mom!


It’s only been a few weeks since the engagement, but we’re already doing a lot of planning. The ceremony will be in our home church in October 2017, the wedding colors are most likely going to be navy and ivory, the guest list has been made, a venue secured, we’re already stressing about budgets, and my sister has tried on her first wedding dress. Not bad for less than a month, huh?

Most recently, my sister asked me to take charge of her bouquet. The only requirements were it had to have at least two of these three requirements: Simple, Elegant, and Quirky. And she pinned some ideas on Pinterest, to give me visuals on what she was thinking (Pinterest is also a Godsend). So, my mission has been set.

There’s still fourteen months until the wedding, which is both a blessing and a curse. It gives us time to plan everything, but then it also gives us this weird “well it’s too soon to start thinking about that.” Decorations for the ceremony, for example, are probably not things we need to have planned out so well just yet. Things like the venue and food feel just a little more important. But, thanks to Wonder-Mom, things are working out. (Not that she tells me half the time. I only found out half an hour before writing this that they picked a venue.)

But, truth be told, of all the stuff we still have to do, I’m most excited for the dress shopping. We’ve picked a week in November for my sister and I to meet my mom in Jersey and go shopping, and I am already counting down the days until I can see my big sis wearing a wedding dress. It’s been a long time coming, and we’re all excited to see her finally get married. Here’s to hoping the stress doesn’t get to us!

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